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Scenery Flickering

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Hi everybody,


I'm getting some scenery flickering with DX-10......does anybody knows how to remove those flickering?


video here:


My spec.


I7 47K

GTX 760 4G

64 Bit

32 GB memory


FSX settings:


DX-10 fixer..paid software....settings as per "how to doc"

Nvidia inspector settings as per "how to doc" 

FSX,CFG settings as per "how to doc"

DX-10 fixer ....Anti Aliasing...4x...tried 8x same problem




FTX global with FTX vectors

Flying from Vancouver to PAJN


ActiveSky Next


Any feedback would be appreciated...thanks!!








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That looks like the old issue of the cloud fighting with the mountain, and I think that's fixed in ASN and other environment addons, so I would ask on the AS website. I do believe that it is controlled by settings within ASN. I'll go and have a read of the manuals. Make sure that your "Disable Haze Layer" switch is checked "on" in ASN.


Someone miight jump in and correct me here. I don't think I get that effect, using either ASN or FSGRW, but I have no high pics to show that. Here is Jackson Hole. Anacortes smooth set at 20fps.



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Hi Paul,


The Disable Haze Layer is already checked in ASN.....

I will check out on ASN forum for support......


Thank Paul!





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I have the same issue happening from time to time. I use ASN and REX Essentials with disabled haze layer.

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+1 .


Can anyone tell me why i also have this flickering sometimes with building in scenerys like UK2000 EGLL,FSDT KLAX?


I use 8x CSAA



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Anacortes smooth set at 20fps.


Hi Paul -


Did you have NI set to 1/3 refresh rate as well? I was thinking about playing with the setting in DX10 to see how smooth it really was. It was to long ago , I would settle for 18 FPS as smooth in DX9.



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Sorry for the delay - we were out for half the day.


Yes - Inspector at 1/3 of the 60fps refresh rate. It's quite useable, and tests well at Anacortes - which is generally a 27 - 31 with 1/2 RR on my machine, but is 19 - 21 when set at 21.  My goal (because of the forum) must be 30 (33), though, as that's the "general desired/expected" framerate, so my testing reflects that. 20 - 21 is perfectly acceptable, Vsync is fine, and the overall feel is the same as when at 30. Not all machines will reflect this, and there will be folks who will never be happy with anything less that perfection everywhere. :lol:


All the best, Daniel!



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