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Cores AMD-FX6100 Problem (affinitymask)

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Hello friends, I need help.


I am trying to configure affinitymask for my processor,


I tried with values ​​62 or 63-64, FSX works for a few minutes with all cores, but then the rest stops working


attached some screenshots


0 1 (first physical core)
1 2 (first logical core)
2 4 (2nd physical core)
3 8 (2nd logical core)
4 16 (3rd physical ...
5 32
6 64
7 128
8 256
9 512
10 1024
11 2048










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FSX only uses one core for its main process. All teh othe cores do is load textures which is why they sxometimes stop.just fly teh plnae the ywill move when more teraain is loaded. FSX is NOT a multicore programme.

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FSX is an old program, it doesn't do multi-core very well, it does some multithreading though. What you need is a cpu with a high IPC count (Instructions Per Clock-cycle) and Intel is the best for that. Even 90€ dual-core pentium will beat almost anything AMD has in FSX, in newer games not so much. Newer games are optimized for multi-core cpu's and this is where you get the best bang for the buck with AMD imo. I had, up until recently, an overclocked FX-6300@4,3GHz and it was a good cpu for everything EXCEPT fsx, I got stutters no matter what tweaks and settings I used. Recently I built a new PC with a Haswell i7 4770 cpu and it runs fsx like a dream. So, I bet even an Haswell i3 will be a major step up from a FX-4100.

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hi sir,

too i got a fx6100

which affinitymask number for my fx6100? because im not sure to how much phsycal core have my fx6100.


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