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Tons of flights for one airplane

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So I'm trying to create scenery and traffic for a local airport with a skydiving operation.  The scenery was the easy part, the jumper dumpers ehhhhhh not quite as easy.  Well easy but the way I have planned out seems time consuming to me.


What I was planning on doing was creating a flight that leaves every 15 minutes starting around 10:00 and contiuning until 19:00ish (make it 16 maybe for randomization) to another airport maybe 5 miles away and have it do touch and go's for 10 minutes then come back.  But I'm using a freeware program called AI flight creator which does allow me to do repeat flights every 1,2,4,8,12,24 hours plus weekly.  The problem is that it creates a new airplane each time I do this so I will have 6 airplanes sitting on the ground and one flying.  Which for a small airport with a few other flights in and out is a bit of a problem.


Do any of you have better solutions or am I just going to have to sit and peck at my keyboard for a few hours?

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You set up the flight (let's say it takes 3 hours round trip), and then set the repeat time for 4 hours.  FS will take care of the rest.  It will repeat this flight every 4 hours.


Or, schedule one plane to do all of the flights for one day, and then set the repeat time for 24 hours.


The only limit is that a given AI flight plan can have 100 legs maximum.

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