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PilotEdge finally going 64bit for Mac.

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Finally Mac users will be able to use PilotEdge with 64bit!.  As per their web board see below:




We are pleased to announce that the Mac 64-bit X-Plane plugin will be released on the morning of June 10, 2014.

This release requires involves an upgrade to a new version of the voice server. As a result, every application which interacts with our voice server will be upgraded and re-released. This includes:
- the PilotEdge FS2004/FSX client
- the PilotEdge X-Plane plugin for all platforms
- the PilotEdge Receiver for Windows
- the PilotEdge Receiver for Mac
- ATC radar scope software

Any attempt to connect to the PilotEdge network on or after June 10 with the existing software will result in a lost communications situation. It's likely that we will disable connections from the existing software to avoid any cases of people flying on the network without a voice server connection.

New versions of the application will be posted on the morning of June 10 prior to the opening of the network.

Upgrade instructions will be posted for each platform as the date draws closer.

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Pilot Edge is fantastic. Sadly, I don't do much on-line flying anymore, since some things have started to eat up my time.


If you're not sure what it would be like to fly on Pilot Edge, they do have a free trial. It's really long, too; long enough to get all the laartcc.org ratings that they share, which is a great way to get into things.

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