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  1. Hi Mike, can you tell me if the PC12/24 do vnav? Thanks...Chris

  2. Thanks, I'll also update the PC-12 in the next weeks.
  3. I also have a integrated Intel Graphics, which I've never bothered to use. Now, for some reasons, I'll have a look if it can run at all X-Plane 11. For that I'll quickly install Clearlinux from Intel in a free partition. Might report back if that's otherways a complete, usable distro.
  4. You should delete the preferences folder and have a up to date graphics driver installed. Proprietary Nvidia? To run with opensource drivers check the x-plane.org forum. Also have a look at synaptic package manager.
  5. You mean the accumulating snow? Because procedural seasons should be easy and quickly done with only a few opengl code lines. Was expecting XP11 today...hoping for tomorrow. They still say "coming November".
  6. Probably beta 6 will go public friday. We are used to betas with x-plane. Simply select that in the installer. I've googled for fmod and am not convinced that this is any better than openal. They surely could have done the same with openal.
  7. Pretty cool, might still get a Vive despite being first generation: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/11/google-earth-vr-the-world-is-at-your-fingertips/
  8. Vive on Linux support would be cool. Although I might miss this first hardware generation. Not sure, I'll try google earth in a store nearby if possible.
  9. Cool. So every Friday LR announce something, right? Hence maybe today the Citation X and next Friday the first beta release?
  10. Yes the Cirrus should have the new G1000. I hope that we get the Citation X later in XP11.* as in this image: http://www.aerosoft.de/_php_projekte/_php_screenshots/screenshots.php?sp=simulatoren&p=xplane11 Two weeks to go...got a new SSD to have space and maybe later a GTX1070.
  11. There are quite some opensource opengl oceans to get an idea on how to do it. Anyway those algorithms are complicated stuff.
  12. Windows is much faster than Mac but fastest is Linux. Ubuntu is ~ 20% faster than a fully updated Windows 10 which itself is ~30% or more faster than OSX 10.9. Looking for a GTX1070, which seems not even yet supported by osx...
  13. Yes nice but where did the announced Citation X go. :Shame On You:
  14. So you missed the best, X-Plane. I'll try at least the demo, if I can bother myself to boot Windows.
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