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  1. One thought I have for you is if you are using the GPU tweak software from the manufacture of the card (MSI)? This is not Nvidia stuff. In my case it was ASUS GPU tweak II for y 1070. This is what lets you control the internal workings of the card and set it up for gaming mode, etc. In my case, once I got this installed and setup, I jumped about 10 to 15 frames.
  2. X-Plane scenery is getting better, but that depends on users building/updating airports and then posting them to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway, https://gateway.x-plane.com. Once they are approved, updates are pushed out with most smaller updates of X-Plane. However, if no one has worked on an airport, then it will just be a runway with very little scenery. Now, as for pushback trucks and ground service. This is a new feature in 11. The program used to edit airports is called WED. They have not released the new version of this program yet for 11 which has the required code to add pushback and ground support to the scenery. This is why you don't see it. Once it is out, and users have had some time to update their scenery on the gateway, you will start to see more airports appear with pushback. The same thing happened when they added static aircraft. One had to go back in and change the parking spots to allow them to draw static aircraft. Cheers, Brendan
  3. I think a lot of the newer airports are not in the beta yet from the X-Plane gateway. Specifically, as I built KIAH, if it is not there yet, it is in the gateway ready to go. It is possible they are holding off on these as a lot of airports will need updates to deal with services vehicles. They have not released the updated editing software yet that adds this feature.
  4. Basically you put each airport into your custom scenery folder. You will find a lot of info here: developer.x-plane.com/ There you can read about updates coming and read documents on scenery editing, etc. X-Plane itself will check for updates when you start it. You can also force it by starting the installer again and tick off allows betas and run update. If you have the CD version from them you will get beta versions. If you have the steam version you must wait for release candidate versions. R1 = Release Candidate 1. If they find no issues it will stay as an R. They normally do not just post a final 10.51 version for example with no R. To close X-Plane you should just need to go under the file menu and select EXIT. Very similar to FSX Brendan From developer.x-plane.com/ you can read release notes that list what airports have been improved or added for the release. But yes you are correct, if you remove the custom one from the folder if will then show you what the current release has. Cheers, Brendan
  5. As the one who worked on KDEN I can say they do take a lot of work. The way it works is, users create and upgrade the airports. They are then posted to the X-Plane Gateway website. X-Plane staff then review the scenery and approve it (or not). Once that happens and the green check mark goes to the new version of scenery listed, it is then marked to be included in the next update of X-Plane (most of the time). The Gateway has been a bit backlogged as a new version of the Editor came out with new features that we could not post updates with until early October. So, most of the airports included with 10.51 are from a few months back. Until the new airports are included in each update of X-plane one must manually download the airport and place it in the custom scenery folder. Cheers, Brendan
  6. May not be all that was fixed, but I reported a bug that the hold short flashing amber lights were not at the correct brightness. Basically, you could not see them.
  7. Not sure why it was turned on for the beta, but you can turn it off by deselecting the items you don't want to see on your screen by going up to the top menu > Settings > Data Input and Output. You will see they have been turned on in this menu. Cheers, Brendan
  8. Yeah, that is what I thought, but I waited 15 minutes for all traffic to clear and still no luck. I have sent an email to Ben, so I will see what he says. Brendan
  9. Just curious if anyone else has found that wind/weather changes do not change the active runway? I am wondering if it is just me or a bigger issues? I have been updating some airports in WED and have been struggling with the correct active runways when testing. Brendan
  10. Yeah I asked Ben about this as AI traffic was moving so slow off the runway it causes go arounds. I believe this will speed them up. Brendan
  11. Not saying this is the issue, but in the past I have had trouble with certain scenery libraries. What I found was some which come zipped/compressed end up adding a sub folder (meaning when you unzip you get folder sceneryXYZ - > then inside that folder Scenery XYZ -> before getting to the actual files. Depending how it was coded for x-plane, if you put the top folder in the scenery folder in x-plane you will have issues. You need to go down one level in the uncompressed sub folders and drag that one to the x-plane scenery folder. Brendan
  12. Yes it is cool to use WED. FYI, WED 1.5 is coming soon which will allow some new features for X-Plane 10.5, such as Static Aircraft. Brendan
  13. The only ones I know of can be found at xplane org store. Brendan
  14. Yes, besides ticking this box I found the static aircraft appearing depends on the "number of objects" selection level (which can be find to the left of the tick box). If you select a level too low they seem to not appear.
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