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  1. Maybe I misunderstood your post. Take a look a Honda Jet image from a factory image, Took me a few flights to get used to seeing it.
  2. Been letting Malwarebytes and Defender run full time, no issues so far. In use since MSFS came out.
  3. Autopilot issue was on their list, SU6 fixed my many A/P problems. Update went smooth. I am pleased.
  4. Thanks for the replys, Will turn in a Zendesk report and note it on the MSFS forum also, looks like a valid MSFS issue.
  5. Since the hot fix numerous aircraft, C172, Beechcraft G58, DA62 have crazy autopilot issues. In the 172 I cannot turn on the AP with my Honeycomb bravo or selecting it on the aircraft panel. AP functions, Hdg, VS, Alt, will not turn on either. Sync of Heading Bug is inop also. I did not check all the other MSFS a/c, the only one that works correct is the Carenado Seminole PA-44 which was purchased from the market place. Anyone else having this type of issue?
  6. Glad it helped, its kind of a dance between AI and Graphics settings, etc. Possibly you could bump up your RAM from 16 to 32 if the price is right but then again your 2.6ghz speed is probably not optimal. Again, there is that dance between MSFS settings and your system specs. But, at least you seeing some improvement.
  7. Ptr, In LNM, go to Tools tab, Flight Simulator connection and see if Fetch AI is checked. If so, uncheck and see if that will help.
  8. Flew for about an hour after update with LNM invoked and no CTD issue.
  9. Weeks ago it was all discharge so I did a Zendesk on that along with one for the C172 Gauge version. C172 Ammeter is still broke so I updated my original zendesk input with image. Maybe a few more folks could add fuel to the fire.
  10. I submitted Zendesk tickets weeks ago on the 152, 172, amp-meters. As far as being study level, IMHO, its good ol basic instrumentation and should be fixed. We wait. Did submit a ticket on a Cylinder Head Temp problem, stays at zero, I think it was on the C208. Again, we wait.
  11. John, Take a look in the Navigraph site forum, under the Beta for MSFS, they explain what to look for. Also when you first fire up MSFS and you see the world map you should also see numerous Navaids, Fix & Rnav position Report out in the ocean(s). Here is a hint, while your looking at the map, select the Filter tab at the bottom of the screen and make sure NAVAIDS, FIX & RNAV POSITON REPORT is turned ON. One issue I have seen is the filter gets turned off when the sim is turned off and I think that might be a bug, not sure, therefore invoke it again. Once your happy with that then just hit Close and go on to fly.
  12. I would keep a darn close eye on that credit card number. That $1.00 sounds awful fishy to me. Matter of fact, I would go right now and check and see what/who the transaction was with.
  13. I had this ESC issue about the time MSFS first came out. I had fooled around with the keyboard assignments and messed something up. I had to go to Controllers, select the Keyboard and select the Default to start over. If you have made some binding assignments on the keyboard then suggest you save those before going to Default. Default put that ESC key back in the right spot.
  14. Do you have "show or hide all airspaces" Icon selected? 2nd row of tabs about the middle of the tab line-up. https://fselite.net/news/little-navmap-2-4-4-update-released/ will show it.
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