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  1. Today it is working just fine..Beats my two pair. So, disregard my post as quoted. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. Same here, LNM says its connected but no a/c position shown on map. So, will wait for the dust to settle and see what happens.
  3. I still see them but only if I file a flight plan vs sightseeing.
  4. 109Sqn, If I remember correctly, BetterBravoLights just needs the Install.bat run once upon initial install vs a .Exe.
  5. Have you been trying the Sliders provided? 3 monitors works very well but you will take a FPS hit obviously.
  6. Seven7, You should be able to do what you want, i.e.my center screen is the cockpit view, left screen looks out over the left wing area, right screen shows right wing area with a bit back towards passenger area. This changes of course as I change view settings, zoom, scan left or right, etc. Not sure how to help you, maybe you could tell us your settings within the multimonitor setup screen.
  7. My solution long ago was installing Better Bravo Lights from https://flightsim.to/discover/better bravo lights You run an Install.bat file provided, one time. Response time to button push is much faster.
  8. Soulflight, Turn Hardware Accelerated GPU to OFF. That cured the "read" error for me. Satisfaction is not guaranteed..🙂 Google will get you the procedure.
  9. Then you have something set wrong, see above video. If you can, use 3 screens, works very well.
  10. Mauro, When you make any change in the multimonitor window, then when you try to exit out of the multimonitor window, do you get a pop-up prompt to Save your changes, Discard, or Cancel?
  11. For the Honda Jet I use Button 26 and 25. I mapped it at: INSTRUMENTS AND SYSTEMS/ENGINE INSTRUMENTS/ENGINE AUTOSTOP. Left box is Joystick button 26, right box is Joystick button 25. Handles 2 & 3 on the Bravo. That shuts the engines down but the throttle does not show going into that mode.
  12. For W11 ( I assume same for Win10). Go to System, Display, Graphics, Change Default Graphics Settings, turn Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling to OFF, restart computer. Also cross fingers, bow one time each to major compass points, throw salt over shoulder, etc. etc.
  13. In my case it was "memory could not be read." MSFS support told me to insure that Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling was turned off, among many other suggestions. That was the first thing I tried (nothing else), its been great for the last couple of weeks, I have around 15 hours of flight time with a time of around 2 hours or so each.
  14. If you have a chart for KORD, pull up the airport layout and info. 22L is shown in a inset but not in the larger view. Not sure what it all means. Operational Notes says that 22R is closed to departures.
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