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  1. Keep in mind that if multiple monitors might be in your future mix they will gobble up frame rate quickly.
  2. Terry, Ok, I now understand the requirements. Not sure if Plan-g or LittleNav Map have font/screen data adjustments, maybe a note to the developers. Chuck
  3. Terry, To add to what Paraffin mentioned. How about getting a cheaper monitor (19-24" or so)? Plug that monitor into your VGA port (integrated video) from the mother board. That should help keep some of the load off of the GTX980. Then install Plan-G or Little Nav Map and put one of those on that small monitor. Either one should work. Plan-G uses XPUIPC (separate small, free, program) and LittleNav Map uses a small program called LittleNav Connect to communicate with X-Plane. Important to read the "readme first" instructions with either one. Chuck
  4. And along with all the other recommendations, insure that you have Thread Optimization Off. In my case (also a few other folks) it caused a BSOD after a Win 10 update.
  5. Nice review and nice screen shots. Purchased it and love it. BTW items that are un-dockable cannot be moved to another monitor, but hopefully its possible in the future. Using XP-11. Chuck
  6. Ah sorry to hear that Rick. I guess about the only left is to walk away for a day or two and then maybe contact their support page: http://www.x-plane.com/support/ Goodness knows you have tried. Chuck
  7. Strange kettle of fish Rick, Looks like its finding some device but obviously the wrong one. When you go to Settings/joystick, does anything show in the window where the yoke picture should be? Here is what I have. I did not include all the "button Added" stuff. 0:00:10.193 D/HID: Hardware ADDED(068e, 0057) - CH ECLIPSE YOKE at path \\?\hid#vid_068e&pid_0057#6&3624ace&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030} 0:00:10.193 I/JOY: REGISTER Joystick device: CH ECLIPSE YOKE - VID:1678PID:87, this is a familiar device. The only other thing I can think of to do is go to the XPlane11 Installer.exe, run that and tell it to check for updates and hopefully its just a matter of missing files which it will replace. After that I don't know what to say............... EDIT: Are those 15 entries for CH available in your Resources/Joystick config file??? Chuck
  8. I see 15 entries that start with "CH" in my Resources/joystick configs. I assume CH ECLIPSE -win.joy and CH Pro Pedals are the ones to be used. I have two listed for pedals Windows.joy. Are they available? Do pedals or yoke show up in LOG.TXT? Chuck
  9. XPUIPC Link: http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html Readme.txt within is important. Chuck
  10. Rick, That CH config file, which directory is that in?? Do your pedals or the yoke show up in your x-plane LOG.TXT file? Chuck
  11. I am using CH Eclipse and also pedals, been working fine since first beta of XP-11. I assume that you did NOT install the CH software for them? I did not install the CH management software, I just let XP-11 handle it and set it all up under the Joystick settings in XP11. Chuck
  12. Don't like it, weak, hard to read, difficult to navigate. Can't figure out how to setup/select my favorite forums for all in one View New Content. The previous format did a great job with that. Ok, I will give it a chance, but first impression is not good.
  13. Bottom line.....................I think AVSIM made a step backward. Was perfectly comfortable with the previous system. This new site looks weak and watery.
  14. There is a P2A forum here on AVSIM, you might want to ask about your troubles there. Author is very responsive. I use it with XP11, no problems between the two. Chuck
  15. Ah, thanks Jimmy, Those are nice, might have to "consider" that. Just wish they would have a manual weather set up, but going off topic here. The Aussie scenery sure works good, Easy to get fantastic frame rates from Alice Springs to Areys Rock.... :smile: Chuck
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