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Blurries when over 200kts

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Pretty much as the title says. I get terrible blurries when travelling at these speeds. Case in point; my new A2A P51D purchase. I don't think I'm hitting any bottlenecks as it happens in framerate friendly areas - often my framerate is well over 60fps and I'm still suffering blurries. Have to pause to let it catch up, or slow right down.


How can I remedy this? FSX is running on an SSD.


DX10 mode with fixer



FFTF=0.4 (tried 0.1 - 0.4)


No other tweaks.


EDIT: Just had a thought. Should I use the in-game fps limiter? Would that help?

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Try the in-game limiter, it might help as it is quite possible that the CPU is generating more fps than can be rendered with detail.

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Although I only had 10min to spare last night, I did a very quick test in a default p51 mustang @ 500ft @ 250kts and didn't get any blurries with the in-game limiter. I'm going to try an external limiter though, as the in-game one gives me a big performance drop over urban areas (where I need every frame I can get).

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