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Steve Dra

Special 777F livery

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Some of you may remember me as a painter from way back (back in the SGA days to be exact).

I still do occasionally throw some paint on a plane I'm fond of and want to fly around, but mostly have retired from that facet of the hobby.


Anyway, I've tweaked a few 777s by request of simmer's in this forum (you know who you are), and some for myself.  But with the exception of a Philippines livery, I haven't painted this magnificent bird from the wheels up yet (don't get me wrong, I don't really want to come out of retirement...too much fun to fly this 777, besides there are a ton of great painters already doing this bird!).


After thumbing through airliners.net, I ran across an old livery that has a very special place in my heart.  My beloved aunt worked for Alitalia Cargo out of KJFK for 30 years before succuming to breast cancer. I really grew fond of this livery with the red CARGO SYSTEM stripe which I'd see on the ramp all the time when I visited her at work. 

Long story short, I'll be tackling this one and I think she'll dress up the 777F really well.  I'm going for a factory fresh look, although I know cargo birds and AZA birds in general can get pretty dirty. :lol:


Please disregard how terrible the screenshot looks in the link below...haven't figured out how to make them look like here on the forums they do in the sim, which is fantastic with 4096 textures to paint on! (When I was painting back in the day, it was on 1024 maps....I cringe when I look at the quality of my paints back then and how much better we can make them look now)


I'll upload her when she's done.  





Steve Dra


Steve Dra

Download my paints here at Avsim by clicking here


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