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Does anyone actually GO anywhere when flying?

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When I tell people about my recent experience of being stuck at Dulles for 10 hours, before my brother and I decided to just can our trip because we would have had to a: make yet another connecting flight into either Paris, or Frankfurt and then basically having one day in Dublin, then having to book it to London without really having done anything in Dublin. The next direct flight was two days away and no way either of us were spending two days in an airport. They treat me like I'm stupid for being ticked that United wasted 19 hours of my life. Not to mention wasted  a couple 1000$, that I sank into a vacation that never happened. I'm sorry, if I offend people by being ticked. This simply should not happen. On the first leg of our trip the first aircraft had mechanical issues. It got canned, we got lucky and got bumped to the next flight out. Which also had issues, but was able to take off after another 30 minute wait. When we got there after rushing to the gate, and waiting about 30-40 minutes we were all told to go to another gate because plane A was grounded. So we go over to gate B. We wait another hour for them to get the plane ready. They make us board. Then we spend another 3 hours on the plane while they try and fix an engine. Meanwhile day one of our stay in Dublin is gone. Day two is going. After the 3rd hour of try after try, they tell us "you're on your own to get out of here. If you are local go home for the night. Go to the front checkin to find your own way out of here." (not exact but close enough) So we spend another lovely 6 hours in line while waiting to talk to someone at the counter, the first two of which there was NO ONE at the counter because it was 2:50 am. (my math may be a bit skewed, sorry if it doesn't come out quite right) By the time we talk to anyone it is now 5 am and takes till 7 am and they tell us that we have three choices: direct flight on sunday (it was friday) or saturday morning fly to paris or frankfurt. My brother and I basically figured that the first part of our trip was now gone no matter what time we arrived in Dublin. So we decided to just can the whole trip and wait til 5 in the afternoon to go home. Why do I not have the right to be mad? United wasted my money. United wasted 19 hours of my life. United caused me one of the worst experiences of my life traveling. I will never fly United again. If I'm supposed to laugh this off its a wonder that anyone actually GOES anywhere when they have to fly.You can't take a train or car to europe. Only one of the planes I was on actually had no wait time, and nothing wrong with it.  Sorry for the rant. What else can I do?

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Most of us would be angry about having our travel plans so screwed-up. But stuff happens, and this time around you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luck of the draw and all that. And no airline is immune from these kind of service meltdowns.


I recently did a 9 week trip around Europe. Following the advice of a lot of seasoned travellers I bought travel insurance which covers the costs of something like the mess you experienced. I had 2 trans-oceanic and 7 Eurozone flights and not so much as a late departure on any of them. But I didn't at all regret buying the insurance. It gave me a lot of peace of mind on the road, knowing that the $250 I spent for the premium (which also covered emergency medical expenses and medical evacuation back to the US) could potentially save me hundreds or thousands of dollars in unanticipated expenses from travel disruptions, accidents or illness. Next time get yourself covered.

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Heh, saw the thread title on the main page, and thought it was an 'in-sim' thread.


Sorry for your luck.  I've been lucky enough to have flown to Europe and back twice on different vacations, and from one side of the continent to the other on yet other vacations.  The worst luck my wife and I have ever had (other than sitting beside the odd unpleasant passenger!) was having to wait out a 6 hour delay in the Honolulu airport on our return flight back about 10 years ago.  Since that was due to a storm that had in turned delayed our inbound plane, it was completely understandable, and the open air portions of that airport, combined with daylight scenery, plus the fact that we were on our way home anyway on a direct flight, made the wait almost enjoyable.

Jim Stewart

Milviz Person.


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I do have a question about the flight home, when we came home the pilot dropped us like a rock (when near final approach) and flew the CRJ like a fighter plane (seemed to come in a bit fast and a bit high as well) Was this a normal thing for a blustery day?

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