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It's very difficult to get back to Civil sims....

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I've been "lurking" around, looking for the news on both FSX and X-Plane platforms.


I have given up using both for quite a while now. P3Dv2 was my last Civil sim, but I returned it in time to get the refund and invest on yet another Combat Flight Simulator - Rise of Flight.


I was initially very renitent about using combat flightsims. I don't ( didn't ) like the concept, DCS was my first incursion in that territory, mainly due to the need to find a good prop flight

dynamics model like the one available for their P51d, now also T51d, and then came the helicopters, which are also superbly modeled on that platform. But DCS is too complex for me,

specially when it comes to modern air war, and I always end up using it just for a short local flight in any of the aircraft. Even got FC3, but didn't play it yet...


Meanwhile, someone offered me IL2 Battle of Stalingrad, and I started playing it some 4 months ago. It is now my main flightsim. I spend almost all of my simming time in air duels on IL2 BoS.


About a month ago I also got Rise of Flight, after years running away from the evidence that it was a great WW1 sim. I confess I didn't have the time to study it yet, but the few missions I

have already ( tried ) to fly were the confirmation of yet another Superb flight simulator, in all aspects.


So, from FSX, ELITE and X-plane 10, I fully transitioned to DCS World, IL2 BoS and RoF, and... as I look back I do not miss:


- the immersion that any of those civil sims used to provide me with. Yes some add-ons can make either fsx/p3d or X-plane great, but heck, the experience of the "living" World simulated

in the Combat flight simulators I am using, either AI or human opponents in online sessions is simply AMAZING!


- the flight dynamics: I am still to find a civil flight simulator, including also MS FLIGHT, whose flight dynamics, and overall physics modeling, can rival those of either DCS, IL2 BOS or RoF!

I wonder why it is so complex to get this level of detail and quality / plausibility in a civil flight simulator, and when it comes to DCS and it's modern fghters, systems are also thoroughly

modeled, so, the PMDG-like level of complexity is there too, and on the other sims, complex engine and damage models help making the simulation experience even more demanding.


- the scenery and weather models are another area where I really do not need to look back. I acknowledge those nice ORBX, Aerosoft, etc... sceneries for FSX, and the many available also for 

XP10, but the sensation of being there, the perspective, are unique in both IL2 BoS ( even with it's present winter sceneries only...) and Rise of Flight, where the World historically accurate 

for the time of WW1 is superbly modeled!


So, when I read the latest announcements about the recent advances on both civil platforms I used to spend my time with, while I am very glad about it ( XP10 going 10.30, FSX/P3D getting that

remarkable accusim core 2 update, the FSLabs A3XX coming along, etc.... ) I really don't feel the need to get back to those... Maybe one day, I don't know, but then again, I change my mind easily :-)

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It's funny because I tried RoF and found the flight dynamics dreadfully twitchy and over sensitive.  I have real time in C172 and PA28, so clearly the WWI era planes in RoF are quite different, but still it didn't feel realistic at all to me.


DCS I tried and did think the flight dynamics feeled (is that correct word - apologies if not!) really good.  Very convincing and refined.   But, the interface and control methods (all those hundreds of key combinations!) were just so complicated and because I'm not fundamentally interested in combat or combat sims, I lost interest.


With the new projects we have on the horizon (DA CRJ, Aerosoft A310, FSL A320, QW 737CL and 787 etc) I am delighted to still be in the good old-fashioned FSX camp.             It gives me so much pleasure.

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I am more less like the OP. My "civil sim" was the fs9. Boy did it give a lot of things to learn. But my true interest is warbirds. What once halted me to migrate to fsx was because the performance due to my medium high system. But with all the available warburd add ons for fsx..they are all easy on the fps.


Real shootings and explosions have always been lacking in fsx, but the flaw is easily paid off with realistic system in simulation wise. But i am happy you have finally found what is best for you. I wan once there

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Yes, I also feel somehow confused about those many options on DCS menus... And people speak about the complexity of setting X-Plane's interface ( btw one of my preferred! )...


Initially I used that "argument". plus the fact that I didn't want to play air combat, to avoid becoming a combat flightsim addict, which I now positively turned out being, but heck, there are simply no civil sims giving me the sensation of flight that those combat sims give, and flight dynamics are for me the fundamental component of a flight simulator...


RoF FDMs do feel strange, but then again, I can't really tell if they're realistic. But based on the many sources I spend time reading, from dedicated RoF users and even some WW1 pilot reports, it appears that it is very close to real!

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