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  1. Thaaankksss... that was fast! I've been trying to listen the lyrics and searching it on Google for days.. no avail. Really helpful. Immediately search the official video,
  2. ...of the song at 24:54. I'm making an FSX video and have no clue what the title is. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6KbdoPu5qQ
  3. Carenado S550,got an award from a flight sim magazine review, albeit it looks like an ad instead
  4. How is the progress. I am having this issue too with the MilViz Phantom. My card is an old card but it runs 99% of the addons including JF Canberra, Avro Anson, B-52 Captain Sim, all Dino Cattenao's planes, RealAir Turbine V2, MilViz Stuka, Learjet 25B nd numerous freeware. The thing is, my card only supports DX9/10 prorgams while milviz is using DX11 optimized feature in running the night lighting and the ACM. But they say as long as the card supports DX10,it should be ok. It turned out that whenever I load up the aircraft, the sim crash because of nvwgf2um.dll. It seems no one has experiencing the same issue like mine. The next build should fix the issue but I am a bit worried that the issue is on my part. I tried most of what you did, rolling back to older drivers before 310 which is known to have causing the issue but it didnt work. Iam 99.9% sure this is also related to dx11 nightlighting issue.
  5. Has anyone mentioned Ivan Jurcaga's Mig 21? It is one of the best military freeware aircraft not only in fs 9, but also IMO in fsx so far.
  6. Maybe it is a good idea, despite the good looks that dx11 lighting thingy has to offer, users are also provided with the working cockpit lighting even if they have to revert to old one, the working one, like most aircraft addons cockpit lightings.
  7. Hello I got this error message "Failed to create render target view" and the night cockpit lighting in add on doesnt work. The error doesnt cause crash, everything is normal except this interior night lighting, the exterior lights are OK. What it is all about? My video card is old, it only supports dx9/10. I'd appreciate all the helps. Thank you
  8. The Aerosoft A318 and forth also offer new learning curve, it will enlight Renton fanb*ys that Toulouse also offers similar, if not more superior, systems. It is important to study how an aircraft works but it is more important to expand one's horison in aviation..through flight simulation, if you are a serious simmer. Learning curves vary, the lowest perhaps is to properly operating an aircraft, while having comparative study in order to understand how tday's technology has to offer is the highest. NGX doesnt have any competitor, simulation wise. The new Aerosoft Airbus on the othet hand, offers you the basic understanding of how the system enhances safety and reduces the chances of pilot error. In real world, 737 isnt only struggling to outsell A320, but also suffering lesser orders (although recording higher deliveries in 2014). Aerosoft Airbus has heavier performance, yes. The nearly 5 year old NGX has surprisingly better frame rates. But the difference is hardly noticeable.
  9. the best Learjet out there for sure, especially for those who love retro commercial jet. this is not Convair 880 but it simulates the similar nuance alright
  10. My only concern is how it will perform on my medium end setup. Hopefully Carenado is able to offer customized performance adjustment. Some users would sacrifice eye candy for better frame rate (or perhaps it is only me).
  11. The tired "tireless" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-27157554
  12. Tom. This is correct. While the scientific calculations and analyzed information received may be close to the truth, the investigators are now looking for other possibilities. No, I am not talking about it had been shot down, but the fishermen and residents' accounts who had officially filed their seeing a low aircraft flying on the day MH370 was announced missing in northern Malaysia are being re evaluated.
  13. This is true. so true. Carenado stole the first move advantages, but that's all. I know which to pick between Carenado 172 or RealAir/A2A's 172.
  14. Malaysian authorities have issued an unsubstantiated claim. No debris, it is completely understandable that many refuse to believe the MH370 "ended" in the Indian Ocean. Especially the families. Not without evidence. One can claim anything
  15. AFAIK, the picture of his 777 sim was taken in 2012
  16. The airline, government and military has delayed, belated and concealed the facts, and attempted to hide something from the families.. no debris, at least without any complete and confirmed sighting, especially for the relatives, let alone recovery of any part of the missing a/c, the mystery of what really happened to MH370 remains unresolved. 1st priority for them is to quickly attain a conclusion so they can pay the compensation and let public forget about this
  17. And suddenly they found it. No debris, no bodies nothing. The families are accusing that he authorities are not being transparent.
  18. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah has a flight sim setup in his house. So what?? Did George W Bush had Battlefield 3 at his office? this hype thrown by media (and those who actually like it) is just silly. MAS: Everyone has rights to have a hobby. It is not uncommon that our pilots have similar hobbies.
  19. Malaysian Prime Minister said the two corridors are possible. The full script is available
  20. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/03/15/Najib-No-confirmation-missing-MH370-hijacked/ not confirmed hijacked????????? The plane was deliberately diverted from its original route to a route often used to mid east and europe (wypt igari vampi gival igrex) which can only be done by a skilled and trained individual... and still not confirmed hijacked? cmon Nadjib! What is your definition of hijack? bunch of people wearing masks grenades and AK 47 yelling in the cabin and shouting and chanting religious jargons????
  21. Having logged 5 million flights and 18 millions hours, the 777 ends its reputation in a very tragic way (although there has not been any evidence the aircraft is the culprit). The expedition mobilization on the sea and the air is the biggest since the WWII. Hopefully they come up with anything better than fruitless results. It's been a week now.
  22. The two stolen passports holders are indeed iranian, but the chance of terrorism is slim. It is more related to trafficking. The pilots were the hijackers?? The captain has joined the flag carrier since 81, from his flight sim setup at home, doesn't look like a fundamentalist to me. The copilot was about to get married with an AirAsia female captain. Why would they ruin their dream lives? exclude terrorism, especially involving the crews!? Iran and China share the same political view. And .. http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v7/newsindex.php?id=1022076
  23. The US Official has informed that the flight path was "intentionally" diverted from the planned routes. The search and rescue team is now considering the Indian Ocean. I live not far from Malaysia and I am very sure there are enough radars in Sumatera, let alone in Subang and KLIA. If the security officials, noticeably, Indonesian Air Force or Malaysian are proven to be ignorant, some people WILL get early retirements. A humble RAF radar could spot stukas crossing the Channel 75 years ago! Boeing and Rolls Royce denied this yesterday, suddenly the US stated that MH370 was mysteriously diverted.
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