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  1. TornadoA319

    Jumping frames in VC

    Are you running flight simulator in compatibility mode? For some reason this degrades frames on some feelthere aircraft, if you are this could be the source of the problem.
  2. Are you following the start sequence in the manual, if you are it should, if not try it and if it still doesn't work come back here, we're happy to help
  3. TornadoA319

    FS9 IFLY 747 in Windows 8

    Ok thanks, I had read the post by ifly about windows 8 compatibility, but It only stated about the 737. Thanks for the clarification, and your help.
  4. TornadoA319

    FS9 IFLY 747 in Windows 8

    I am thinking of buying the ifly 747, just a quick question, does it work in windows 8? Just asking in case I spend £40 and it doesn't work on my computer... Thanks guys
  5. TornadoA319

    Window 8 Question.

    Feelthere Embraer 175/195, Carenado's C337, 208 Caravan, Beechcraft Baron and their Beechcraft Bonanza. Those are just a few that I personally enjoy. Do you have a preference to what type of aircraft? Airliners, military jets and General Aviation for example...
  6. I've noticed a massive sale on at carenado around 80% off for fs2004 products! I'm definately going to pick some of their stuff up. I was just wondering, what are your favourite carenado aircraft? I have the C337 skymaster and I love it! Thanks
  7. TornadoA319

    Short Hop Sight Seeing in Heavy Metal Jets

    A massive thanks for these FleaJump, an amazing contribution, I will be using these routes for sure!
  8. TornadoA319

    Best FS2004 Payware

    Is it any good?
  9. TornadoA319

    Best FS2004 Payware

    Thanks. Also does anyone have the Feelthere embraer phenom?
  10. TornadoA319

    Best FS2004 Payware

    Is the systems modelling decent? (Doesn't have to be pmdg standard, but a lot of things work?)
  11. TornadoA319

    Best FS2004 Payware

    What are your opinions on the qualitywings 757? Is it good? Is it realistic? Does it have bugs? Good value? Etc...
  12. Thank you so much for you help guys! It has been really great!
  13. Hi guys, I have recently purchased the Saitek Pro Flight throttle (not the yoke though) and am using one lever for the spoilers and the other two levers for engines 1 and 2. When using this configuration something that really gets on my nerves is the fact that when trying to adjust the throttles they are always at different thrust values. I know they are separate throttles, but is there a way for me to make sure that they are at the same value when they are needed together for example take off, but still keep the dual throttle setup for when I need it for example an engine failiure. Thanks.
  14. TornadoA319

    What's your favorite FS9 Airplane right now?

    No the Project Airbus A319/320 don't have a vc
  15. TornadoA319

    What's your favorite FS9 Airplane right now?

    I love the Project Airbus A319 and the Feelthere E-jets V2 E175 and 195. Also the section 8 Sabre, the amazing freeware Cessna 150 (can't remember the actual name, think it has already been mentioned.)