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  1. Thaaankksss... that was fast! I've been trying to listen the lyrics and searching it on Google for days.. no avail. Really helpful. Immediately search the official video,
  2. ...of the song at 24:54. I'm making an FSX video and have no clue what the title is. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6KbdoPu5qQ
  3. Carenado S550,got an award from a flight sim magazine review, albeit it looks like an ad instead
  4. How is the progress. I am having this issue too with the MilViz Phantom. My card is an old card but it runs 99% of the addons including JF Canberra, Avro Anson, B-52 Captain Sim, all Dino Cattenao's planes, RealAir Turbine V2, MilViz Stuka, Learjet 25B nd numerous freeware. The thing is, my card only supports DX9/10 prorgams while milviz is using DX11 optimized feature in running the night lighting and the ACM. But they say as long as the card supports DX10,it should be ok. It turned out that whenever I load up the aircraft, the sim crash because of nvwgf2um.dll. It seems no one has experiencing the same issue like mine. The next build should fix the issue but I am a bit worried that the issue is on my part. I tried most of what you did, rolling back to older drivers before 310 which is known to have causing the issue but it didnt work. Iam 99.9% sure this is also related to dx11 nightlighting issue.
  5. Maybe it is a good idea, despite the good looks that dx11 lighting thingy has to offer, users are also provided with the working cockpit lighting even if they have to revert to old one, the working one, like most aircraft addons cockpit lightings.
  6. Hello I got this error message "Failed to create render target view" and the night cockpit lighting in add on doesnt work. The error doesnt cause crash, everything is normal except this interior night lighting, the exterior lights are OK. What it is all about? My video card is old, it only supports dx9/10. I'd appreciate all the helps. Thank you
  7. The Aerosoft A318 and forth also offer new learning curve, it will enlight Renton fanb*ys that Toulouse also offers similar, if not more superior, systems. It is important to study how an aircraft works but it is more important to expand one's horison in aviation..through flight simulation, if you are a serious simmer. Learning curves vary, the lowest perhaps is to properly operating an aircraft, while having comparative study in order to understand how tday's technology has to offer is the highest. NGX doesnt have any competitor, simulation wise. The new Aerosoft Airbus on the othet hand, offers you the basic understanding of how the system enhances safety and reduces the chances of pilot error. In real world, 737 isnt only struggling to outsell A320, but also suffering lesser orders (although recording higher deliveries in 2014). Aerosoft Airbus has heavier performance, yes. The nearly 5 year old NGX has surprisingly better frame rates. But the difference is hardly noticeable.
  8. You wanna see real trolls? Go visit Haaretz facebook page, or jerusalem post facebook page, nothing has come close
  9. My GPU is not DX 11 supported, (I know, how lame is that?).. will I have issues running the phantom? Thought I would just wait till it is complete but I cant resist to get even at Beta state. Thanks
  10. You could always change the values in panel.cfg in any aircraft, well mostly. i.e. pixel_size= 1024, 1024 to 512, 512 respectively. Anyway, as for the friendly fps, all non glass cockpit a/c are usually lighter on the fps.
  11. their Eurofighter could have been one of their best, but they screwed it up. 250+ knots with throttle idle and stuttering in external view, luckily an SOH member suggested a temporary fix by editing parasitic drag parameter. Love their Canberra, but again I had some issues, the good thing is the support is great. I elaborated the issuesand the support guy was helpful and patient, s I'll pass this one.
  12. Milviz, definitely Milviz. The FDE is believable and it feels like it should be, and the weapons do work. It received Avsim Gold Star too. Iris Mudhen on the other hand, has a great exterior model, assuming you also consider the Metal2Mesh avionic upgrade (it enhances textures too). Iris is easier on the fps and I would say the exterior model is slightly better. Milviz all the way. Too bad their F-4 Phantom will not carry the same feature as F-15 regarding weapons. So Tacpack is a must. I heard that he who worked on the weapon feature left the team. Of course this is my 2 cents
  13. Bump. This a/c climbs and flies like a thousand rocket. Editing "Parasitic_drag" value in aircraft.cfg would help, so far, the values should be 2.32 from 1.0
  14. Apart from FS Sound Studio recommendation, is there any other ways to create sound? I am planning to create a mig 21 MF sound pack for freeware Ivan Jurcaga Thanks
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