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FSX locks up. Tearing my hair out!

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Hi guys.   first, I apologize in advance if it turns out this ought to be in the hardware forums, but at this stage, I do not know. 


I have a brand new lenovo x510 erazer desktop pc.  Great gaming machine with an i7-4770k processor, 32GB SDRAM,  GTX 650 video card, and 3TB of SATA HD running on windows 8.1.


My FSXA set up has been running just fine. Nicely tweaked using enbseries graphics enhancements, though i have SteveFX available but not used.   last night at the end of a session,  the PC kicked me out to desktop.  I didnt think much about it.   this morning I flew another session without any issues.   However, this afternoon, the sim would not boot.   No warnings or errors, just locked up.    I openned task manager and see that it locks immediately and goes to about 50% CPU use and stays there.   


I figured, OK,  I will undo whatever changes I had made recently.  That meant uninstalling a couple of scenery airports I had updated. (CYCD and CYBL out of the avsim lib.)  both had run ok, but Don published updates so I installed.).    Anwyway. I uninstalled.   No help.


I tried various other usual things.


1. backed up then deleted fsx.cfg to let the sim create a default one.   Still no good.  I put the old one back.

2. I went to nvidia control panel and reset all video settings to default (undoing tweaks from NVI).   Still no good.

3. I downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia drivers.   Still no good.

4. I tried switching between DX9 and DX10 SteveFX shaders.   No help.

5. I do use Orbx products and even reinstalled Global Vectors and latest Orbx libraries in case that had anything to do with help.


Unsure at this stage ##### to do here.   Im not getting any FSX warnings and my hardware and software monitors say the system is ok.   System operates normally

and my other sim,  TS2014, operates normally under Directx. TSX.  


Anybody got any ideas?    Are there any good debug programs for FSX that could give me a freakin CLUE on whats up here?   I ran FS9 for 10 years without this problem.   I've had FSX for 3 months and its a headache. (separate discussion I know).


Any help appreciated.






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You might have a corrupted log file. That can cause the sim to hang while loading.  This has happened to me, and deleting or fixing the log has always solved the problem. Do a search on the subject of "corrupted FSX logbook file" for how to correct it.

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The AVSIM CTD Guide, located to the right of this forum under Hot Spots has possible solutions to your problem(s). The ENBSeries mod is well-known to be causing lockups/crashes in FSX. It works for a few. SweetFX too. It's all in the CTD Guide.


The AVSIM Library has a utility to fix any corrupted logbooks. It will first check it to see if it is corrupted and then fix it if found to be corrupted. Removing or deleting the logbook is not recommended as it provides a log of all of your adventures and flights from the day you first installed FSX.


Best regards,

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