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Best settings of Vsync in NI & P3Dv2.x Menus

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It would be great to discuss what users have done to achieve their personal best Vsync settings. Wether its NI or CP to see what really has worked for you the best till this point.


Recently I tried the settings from a great topic that was started from Crauchan here. I got amazing Vsync results, however my AA and shimmering where simply intolerable since I wasn't using NI.


I needed to go back to NI and take the hit on frames so I can get a good anti-aliasing. I played with my Vsync settings my best Vsync settings are currently:


  • (NI) Adaptive and Force On


  • In the P3D v2.2 menus I have Vsync active and checked triple buffer with unlimated frames. 


What settings do you currently have that achieves the smoothest sim for you? NI? Control Panel? Unlimited?


I understand there's a lot of topics/discussions on this but not one where everyone just puts their best Vsync settings. It would be nice to organize it here.


Thanks!  :lol:




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Personally, I haven't found any effect of setting vsync settings in NI. I only use NI to enable 4xSSGS AA.


In sim, I find the best is to have vsync+TB on, and to lock fps at 30 in situations where the GPU would be maxed out if unlimited, and use unlimited frames when cpu-bound. I still get some stutters - exactly as Rob describes in the p3d 2.3 thread - but these settings minimize them for me.


But you'll get dozens of different answers to this question: there are so many different combinations of hardware, software and settings.

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In P3P v2 vSync and Triple Buffer off. In nVidia CP triple buffer on and vSync adaptive half refresh rate. No FPS locked, neither in P3P v2, NI or elsewhere. The result is very nice (for me) with only a few stutters sometimes.


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I just run with the P3D V-Sync enabled. No external tweaks, no fps limiting, no triple buffering and Tesselation ticked OFF. Using the RealAir SF-260 I get 60-70fps on average with the occasional minor stutter (normally in tight turns). This is with FTX Global and Vector and the HDR freeware clouds via ASN.

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