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Yesterday when I went into Flight I was notified that BASys had a session going, so I joined in. He was at Taylor (AK49) and from his passion on the map it looked like he was on RW 16 so I set up to take off on RW 34. When I materialized there I went to Multiplayer and it told me that he was in menu, so I took off and headed to Upper Hannum Creek (4Z2). I was headed there when I see his indicator show him coming up behind me. He wanted to make another attempt at getting his voice working. Just shortly after that BackwardClock3 showed up and we had fun flying around there. Then it was suggested that we go to Mauna Kea-Honolii (HI31) and do some uphill landings.These are some of SS I took, and I would like to add that BackwardClock3 is the best C-46 pilot that I have seen to date.


An added note, I would like to meet up with Paul and try again with his voice. B)

























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Hi Folks


Now it's clicked,

hadn't realised J.R. / JPC55 / Jack Harper T49 are all the same person.  :lol:


Cheers for your screenies.


Good session.

Enjoyed Honoli's uphill Landing Challenge using the C-46.

Will have to fly other Challenges in her.


Note to self - Don't mouse-fly challenges in windowed mode.    :blink:


BC3's inverted flight was impressive.




Only reason I'd been online was -

I'd noticed that wasn't displaying the AOTD, Aerocaches list, My Flight Stats, or Friend's Compare Stats,

and launched Flight to investigate what aspects might be non-functional in-game.


GFWL Marketplace client was working correctly, but the in-game equivalent wouldn't connect.

The various Flight connectivity indicators, showed Disconnected from Microsoft Flight server for Map/Menu, Hangar, and Aerocaches.

MP sessions were functioning correctly.

MP Player Profile showed earned Aerocaches as 0 of 0.





Cheers for assistance with testing my mic config.


Shamefully now discovered W7's system tray audio applet,

still has the per device audio mixer, (right-click for a context menu).


The mic's level control in there apparently takes precedence.

So maybe next session, we might have voice comms.   ^_^





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@jpc55: We all know! Jack, you are a miracle worker!
@ basys: Its working for me, but I think that you are unable to connect due to a Port Forwarding Problem. However, I also have the problem, but my Internet connection is working fine and I'm able to compare stats - and may I say, you have 1,476 crashes!
     So, I have managed to solve my connection.  :lol: (I was troubleshooting, whilst I was typing this message!)
But lets see if this works for you:
1. Check whether the game cannot connect to the servers - Sometimes, the LIVE Service acts up. If Flight can establish a connection, disregard       steps 2-6!
2. Check that Games For Windows Marketplace ("GFWLive.exe"), produces no "Connection Errors." 
3.  If there is no connection and no problems with the GFWL Client, go to Control Panel ->> Uninstall or change a program.
4. Uninstall the following - Microsoft Games for Windows -LIVE Redistributable, Windows Live- ID Sign in Assistant and the Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace.


5. Go to your GFWL Directory which is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE," by default. Delete this folder!


5. Download and Install this and then update the GFWL Client.
6. Launch Microsoft Flight, and apply the Client software update. If there is an error regarding the connection, exit Flight and relaunch, then allow the update to take place.
7. You should now be connected to the servers!

This should work, as it did for me.


P.S: The extra steps to uninstall the GFWL Client ensures that all of the Games for Windows Live software is removed before the fresh installation.

Good Luck!

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Hi Folks


Cheers Kavinda for assistance/suggestions.


Different aspects of the game are supported by various different servers.


Fire up your port monitoring software, then visit the pages I'd mentioned @

You'll see 22 ports being opened to 5 different IP addresses.


Those particular aspects I'd mentioned were down for everyone, from early AM 24th till AM 25th, (UTC).



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