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Eight weeks ago, inspired by YouTube videos from froogle & FSXreality, I took the plunge and bought a swathe of Sim software. I know that's exactly what people say you shouldn't do, but I figured if it keeps me out the pub it will pay for itself in no time (It has!)

FSX Gold Edition
PMDG 747-400 & 737 NGX
Airbus X Extended (still not opened this one!)
Active Sky Next
UTX Europe & GEX
EGGP Xtreme and EGKK Xtreme
PFPX + TopCat
Saitek X55 stick & throttle
ExDoc camera
FS2crew for both Boeings

I have no previous Sim experience, but my ultimate goal was to fly the 747 from Liverpool EGGP to Gatwick EGKK, and to do it in a sensible and correct way from start to finish. From creating the flight plan, weight & fuel planning, takeoff/landing performance, through to the FMC, understanding the charts, SIDs STARs, METARs and everything.

Well, after crawling up the learning-curve for weeks, I've just finished my first, perfect, flight, and I'm absolutely thrilled.


I didn't use FS2crew because I haven't learnt all the responses, and without ILS & autopilot I'd probably be a big splodge on the runway, but it went prefectly and I'm feeling particularly pleased with myself at the moment :)

Unfortunately it's nearly 2 am here in the UK and I had to tell someone, so I decided to post it here.

Simming rocks!

Onward and upward,


Smug factor 9.2, possibly a 9.3



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I remember my first "perfect" flight! I thought I knew it all and could fly this plane forwards and er... backwards? I learn something new about my planes each time I do a flight, even if it's as simple as figuring out an ideal setting at a certain airport, or where that one knob is that I've been looking for!

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Welcome to flight simming! There's just nothing else like the gratification you get from successfully flying from point A to point B. It just can't be explained to regular folk.

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