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  1. Hello, I recently purchased the 777 for P3D after having flown it on FSX since release. On the P3D version I am experiencing an issue where the reverse thrust and autobrakes do not seem to engage until I manually force the nose gear down onto the ground. This is happening on every landing at any airport. I do not use fsuipc and use a joystick for control inputs. This setup has not had any issues in the past. The PMDG 737 in P3D works just fine on landings. I’ve see this issue reported on a few other threads but see no solution. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Andres Zapata
  2. Azapata87

    Landing reverse thrust and autobrake issue

    Nice profile picture, love that movie. The autobrakes don’t seem to engage at all on touch down until the nose gear is pushed onto the ground. There is practically no deceleration and so the nose gear just floats until it’s manually forced down. I can do a wheelie 3/4 of the way down a runway at the same speed I touched down at. I purposefully disarmed the auto throtttles and idled them manually on my last landing to see if reverse would engage sooner and got the same results. -Andres Zapata
  3. Azapata87

    Reverse Thrust??

    I am having the same issue but only with the P3d version. Having flown the PMDG T7 for a long time on fsx with the exact same control setup I am at a loss for what is causing it in P3D. I have opened a support ticket. Andres Zapata
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    So what could I do with my degree?

    I agree. Id like to add that although an aviation degree may give you a leg up. Getting your foot in the door at an FBO or a smaller GA airport and gaining experience helps greatly. When I interviewed for my most recent position they were ess interested in my schooling and more interested in my aviation experience.
  5. Azapata87

    So what could I do with my degree?

    My degree is in aviation management. i currently work in airport operations ensuring my airport meets part 139 regulations and conducting other administrative duties for the airport.
  6. Azapata87

    On Line Backup

    I use a Lenovo ix2-dl NAS in raid-1 mode for back ups. I have an additional external drive hooked up to the usb port on the nas to back up the really important stuff with additional redundancy. I use Acronis true image to create images of my fsx pc's hard drives and store them on the nas. In the event of a fire or theft all is still lost so I use amazon prime to back up the REALLY important photos and videos.
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    To FSX users on the fence for P3D 2.5

    I've been on the fence about switching ever since PMDG released P3d versions of their products. To be honest after reading this entire thread I am still on the fence. I have no doubt that P3d is the future but to me it just seems like a situation where "if it ain't broke don't fix it" applies. I am happy with my fsx installation and performance so for now it seems like I will stick with it until something fails at which point I will start fresh with P3d.
  8. Azapata87

    777-300ER Air Force One

    What an awesome paint job! I had wondered what the 777 would look like as air force one. It would be awesome to see in real life. I look forward to doing a few flights in this while wearing a bath robe.
  9. Azapata87

    Aerosoft A320/321 Released

    So is the autopilot still twitchy? That's the sort of thing that has me on the fence on buying this product (that and the fact that kgs is the only option available for weights). I have become extremely picky about things behaving exactly as they do in real life which keeps me from straying too far from high fidelity simulations like those made by pmdg. I have been tempted by this addon in particular though.
  10. Azapata87

    "Perfect" microburst scenario with ASN WXR

    Very nice read. Some of my most challenging approaches have been with ASN.
  11. Azapata87

    Altitude Fluctuation since SP1c

    You just voiced your opinion while putting him down for voicing his. That said when ever I've experienced this it has been weather related such as turbulence. It has always gone away when I've moved into smoother air.
  12. Azapata87

    Could I fly a real Boeing 737-800?

    The first time at the controls of a small plane after years and years of nothing but flight simulator was almost complete sensory overload for me. Glad I had a real pilot in the left seat or I would have never made it. I cant imagine what it would be like in a jet where everything is happening even faster than in a Cherokee.
  13. Azapata87

    A request for md80 someday

    I think we will get a 737 v3 before an md-80. Edit: Not that I wouldn't gladly buy it.
  14. Azapata87

    Is PFPX worth the price?

    I bought PFPX when it was released and have not stopped using it since. It is well worth its price if you simulate a lot of airline flights. I don't know how I planned my flights without it! Well...I do but it definitely was not as easy or enjoyable.
  15. Agreed, enjoyable read anyway though. It is good to know what the best add ons out there are at the moment.
  16. Azapata87

    Southwest's New Livery (Apparently)

    I initially did not like it at all. After seeing the official pictures out in the daylight I think it looks great. I'm a big fan of Southwest.
  17. Azapata87

    Fire retardant drops via DC10 and C130

    I think its not so much a question of does it work but there just is not a better way to get large amounts of water and retardant in the areas that these brush fires tend to happen.
  18. Azapata87

    Bizjets - Learn to Love Them

    I have always loved the idea of having the speed of an airliner and the ability to operate out of small airports. The problem for me is that I have yet to see a business jet that has the complexity and fidelity of a pmdg simulation. Does anyone have any suggestions? For now I have satisfied that craving with the pmdg 737 in a bbj repaint but even still it cannot fly into the smallest of airports.
  19. Azapata87


    This used to happen to me often.. until I got married and had a child. Now I don't have enough flight sim time! Edit: I was also into Train simulators, as well as RC cars and airplanes. That would keep me occupied when I was bored of fsx.
  20. Azapata87

    Do you use Active Sky Next?

    ASN changes the weather in fsx in a huge way. It now feels like you are flying through an active, realistic and always changing atmosphere. A real upgrade from any other weather program available before it.
  21. wow! makes me want to go flying!
  22. Wow! The lighting and shadowing in xplane look seriously good in these shots!
  23. Looks impressive in both sims. As far as the clouds and sky go prepar3d looks by far the best.
  24. Azapata87

    shark attack

    Those are really awesome. Love number 3.
  25. Azapata87

    Smuggy McSmug of Smugsville

    Welcome to flight simming! There's just nothing else like the gratification you get from successfully flying from point A to point B. It just can't be explained to regular folk.