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For Christmas I want a new computer for fsx.i want one that gives off good fps like 30 fps.currantly I have a laptop and at places like East middlands with the uk2000 scenary I get 7 fps wich to be fair is unplayable.that is with the ngx.But with the stock aircraft I get 8fps wich is no better.i am only 14 so don't know lots about PCs.if anyone knows a good pc that gives off 30+fps for a cheap price I would be so thankful.

Thanks if you know one.

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First, I assume you are only thinking about getting a prebuilt machine and not building your own?


Also, are you looking for a laptop or desktop? Two different beasts. :)

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OK. Realize that in going for a laptop you will be paying more for the same performance (or, to look at it another way, a desktop for the same amount of money will probably be more powerful).


I don't know how big you want your screen to be, but here are a few suggestions off Newegg.


Acer Aspire V3-572G-70TA Notebook


Open Box: ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JW-NH71


Refurbished: ASUS N56JR-MH71 Notebook


Open Box: ASUS N550JK-DS71T Gaming Laptop


MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-472 Gaming Laptop


Open Box: MSI GE Series GE70 Apache Pro-012 Gaming Laptop


Open Box: ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JM-DS71 Gaming Laptop


I listed it in order of price. Be aware that, the more expensive you get, the better it will be and the longer it will last you before you have to upgrade again. I know price tags hurt (I'm 17, I understand), but trust me: if this is going to be a gaming machine, especially one that will run FSX (a terribly demanding game in terms of CPU), it will need to be a good amount of money.


If you really want recommendations for computers for less money, you will be sacrificing performance quite a bit, as you'll have to have an i5 CPU instead of an i7, which on laptops is much more of a sacrifice than on a desktop.

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Cheap and flightsim don't really go together.


Most of the guys here build their own for a minimum of 1500 USD for a brand new build.


You could get away with a thousand bucks probably with a store bought. You won't get 30 fps in addons and weather though.


Look for a 3570k or 2500k, gtx 660, 8gb ram minimum


For a laptop, you'd want something like this as a minimum (and you'd want the 2nd preferably 3rd listed CPU option)

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Here are some desktops:


The first two open box deals seem like a perfect fit to me, you'd probably get the performance you want. But, if you need cheaper, I can look for some less expensive ones.


In general, though, Ryan is right on the money.

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