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  1. Texture products can be tough to say whether it's "worth it" just from the standpoint of what's actually preferable to you, as Ernie mentioned. But, I have to say I've only been pleased with REX products. For one, even the HD textures aren't the worst FPS hit at all, which is absolutely beautiful. But then the realism that you get at that small FPS price, if any, is without question a great value. It's not difficult to get the same kind of look that are in their product screenshots (in fact, as far as I know, many of the photos come directly from their beta team's rigs. Reed and/or Tim can confirm?) Also, if what you're worried about is runway textures, you should really take a look at Worldwide Airports. That is the improvement that they have honestly needed for a while to make their runways coherent, and boy does that deliver on that! Plus, they have an awesome product support structure. They'll never leave you hanging, ever! I wish larger corporations had such great, responsive customer service.
  2. If the quality that you're imparting to Sky Force is anything like all your past products, I'm sure it will not cease to amaze. :smile: On the WWA HD note...it's incredible to see what can be done with "just" texture overlays. And the fact that you are treating each of the enhanced airports this way makes me excited! You guys at REX have really mastered the art of textures, which is not a simple one at all...well done, all involved!!
  3. Paul, I'm no expert, but looking at their website, the Steam patch is for 1.096 through 1.099...that says to me that you can upgrade to the later version and then install the Steam patch.
  4. I'm still holding out a little bit, I'm waiting until they are little bit further on it. But I am watching closely. I've been a fan of the X series for a while and have enjoyed Elite so far. I'm honestly wondering where they are planning on going with it. They are suffering from feature creep to the extreme, in my humble opinion. I thought as much would happen from the initial announcement. But we shall see how they handle the future releases.
  5. I am in full agreement with that. I have no doubt that it will be more than worth its price. :smile:
  6. I'm a bit surprised at some of the negative responses to this...since most everyone enjoys payware airports, I would think this would fill in the gaps for what's not there. I for one am excited for this, and if the price is right, might be a great stopgap even for payware airports for those with small budgets.
  7. They state that the elements of Environment Architect will be included in Weather Direct. By the way, Weather Direct has been in development 2 years, not 5.
  8. I use both, it depends on my mood. Both are "equally realistic" IMO but sometimes I want the ultra-defined look, and sometimes I want the super fluffy look. The weather-defined textures will use both sets so you could try that if that's up your alley.
  9. It would run well, but I doubt it would be exactly like the desktop. Honestly though that wouldn't be a terrible machine to try it with, with some tweaking it could probably be pretty darn good. The only big issue that could happen is heat. No matter what laptop you get, invest in a cooling pad. For your own good and the laptop's!
  10. No matter how much discussion happens, it seems that, unless I missed something, it is as the thread title states: everything is currently vague. The whole MS Flight thing shouldn't drive us to negative speculation, IMO, but rather to less speculation. As much fun as speculation is, at the same time it's better to do that when we've actually got some bites (or bytes, if you prefer) of information. As such, I'm hopeful that the new sim will be great, but I'm really just watching and waiting.
  11. PookyMacMan


    It depends what you mean by "do anything." It does replace all the P3D water textures, and there have been some stunning screenshots on their website and forums using P3D. As for masking P3D water issues, it does so to a point, according to my knowledge. Here's the link to the product page - screenshots are on the left and the sim used is written on the bottom right. http://rexdirectexperience.com/bundle.html
  12. PookyMacMan


    REX 4 actually provides all entirely new textures than REX Essential's offering. I find them to be far superior and well worth the price (as do many other users on this and other forums).
  13. I seem to be among the minority that still enjoys REX Essential quite a bit...I understand that ASN provides quite a bit of improvement but I personally haven't had half the issues most mention with Essential, so I still like it a lot. REX Essential is the kind of program where, if you follow all instructions, it will run pretty darn well. But if you make little slips, disastrous things can happen. The fact that it's cumbersome is somewhat annoying, but I still use it.
  14. What kind of performance are you getting now? It's pretty much what Techguy said.
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