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Anyone know how the Event ID,  AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT works?


I'm using pitch to control speed. Rather annoying I cannot formulate a pitch value and the feed this value into FSX.




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From the SDK (shocking, I know): "Selects pitch reference for use with +/-"

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Just tested something and I believe this hypothesis works  - AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT selects the instrument the autopilot will reference it's pitch from. For instance, you can have separate instruments with their own failures by having them in the aircraft.cfg listed that way and using indexing to separate them.  There are others worded this way in the SDK - airspeed, altitude, VSI etc..


Having separate instruments listed in the .cfg also provides a separate standby altimeter with it's own isolated kohlmann setting. -

airspeed_indicator.0=1,0  // MAIN
airspeed_indicator.1=1,0  // STBY
airspeed_indicator.2=1,0  // AP/HUD

direction_indicator.0=3,0 // MAIN
direction_indicator.1=3,0 // BDHI
direction_indicator.2=3,0 // AP/HUD
direction_indicator.3=3,0 // HSI

attitude_indicator.0=2 // MAIN
attitude_indicator.1=2 // STBY
attitude_indicator.2=2 // AP/HUD

altimeter.0=1 // MAIN
altimeter.1=1 //STBY
altimeter.2=1 //AP/HUD

And some examples of using indexing or other to separate them -

(A:PARTIAL PANEL ATTITUDE:2, bool) if{ -20 } els{ (A:Attitude indicator pitch degrees:2,degrees)
(A:Attitude indicator bank degrees:3, radians)
(A:Kohlsman setting hg:2,inHg)

 The test I did was such and it did not work. I already had an easily adjustable gauge in an aircraft. 

(A:Autopilot pitch hold ref, degrees) 1 + (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT)
(A:Autopilot pitch hold ref, degrees) -1 + (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT) 

The only known pitch adjustment commands that I know of are -


And a hypothesis (not tested) is that something like below would select pitch reference 2 then apply the increment to that instrument.



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OMG... are you kidding me???


AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT is the event that tells the sim to use the +/- key events to increment and/or decrement the current pitch reference value. It works just like KEY_VOR_OBS does... and if I remember my old FS keyboard shortcuts... ctrl-O was the key you pressed before using the +/- keys to increment/decrement the VORs OBS course. Pressing ctrl-O was the same as code sending the KEY_VOR_OBS event to the sim.

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Thanks guys.

I too read the SDK, but as often as not, are non the wiser :mad:


I am trying to hold the speed using pitch, so if I increase the throttles, the pitch increases controlling the speed and the aircraft climbs.

With the distinct lack of pitch controls I was hoping this event id would add a useful control. I was hoping to feed a pitch value into FSX, but there is no SET event for this.

I have AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP and DN used in a G1000 and allows manual control of pitch used with ATT HOLD.

I have tried using speed change to access AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP and DN, but feedback loops in my experiece are too slow in FSX, and the aircraft ends up porpoising.



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