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I want to learn But!

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I'm comintg to this a bit late,but I would like to learn the various options with texture shading and multisampling but I have no idea on where to begin.

Most threads have me confused in parts and I am not sure what setting effects what !

Is there anything on the forum that explains how to start tweaking but from a class 101 beginner point.

I have tried reading some of the threads regarding ni settings and nvidia control panel settings but I have no real idea on what i'm doing or noticing any difference in the sim after blindly trying them

So the only way I see it is trying to understand what does what,

any help on where to look




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Hi Pete,


I'd start with the tips and tricks forum here:  (lots of useful info here)


As far as having no idea what you're doing, that's ok, a lot of people don't ... but the best way to learn is to try it and see.  Just one warning, if you're editing any files be sure to have a full backup before proceeding.


I usually keep a Word document link on my desktop and add any important information I find/discover and build on the document over time.  As versions of P3D evolve over time some items are obsoleted and new items added.   


You'll get very diverse opinions on the exact same settings so the best judge of what works for you is you.  Over the months and versions of P3D v2.0 to v2.4 I've posted various settings on my web site here: which has links to other settings ... there is no golden rule, I post just to share my experience.


But one viable option is to not adjust P3D at all (live within it's settings via it's UI) ... it's a very capable "as is" without any adjustments/tweaks.   


Cheers, Rob.

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there is no golden rule,


oh yes, there's one golden rule :lol:  !  The less you tweak the better you are. Been there, done that, 35 years of simming have taught me at least that.  Fly B) !  

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Thanks guys

I've been following your stuff for a while Rob Its been very useful

No idea what you've been talking about at times  :blink: but still informative. I'm not a complete novice as I had been trying the dx10 stuff on fsx for a while so I'm no stranger to playing around with editing  files.

My problems start when people start going on about fxaa msaa anisotropic...etc And now dsr 

I'm playing around with 2x 4x etc as I think I have a pretty good setup but really feels like diving off a cliff at times.

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You'll get there - faster than you think Pete! Good luck

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