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Removing Trees On Approach

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Hi Guys


Except lumberjack (I don't think it's effective with FTX Global) does anyone know How I can remove FTX Global trees from within my approach lights?


Thanks in advance

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Are there any update patches for the area you are in?  Looking through some older forum posts from


AVSIM, most people said "Lumberjack" was their solution.

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I have most Orbx stuff including Global.  I do not have the problem you mention but thats not saying that there doesn't exist a problem of that nature somewhere.


Perhaps if you provide us with a screenshot or the location of the specific airport we might actually be able to tell if your problem is unique to you or not.  Many times folks have conflicting scenery layers or addons that if not installed in correct scenery priority or modified to account for the conflicts will result in problems.


More info and detail is required. 

And, perhaps the particular airport you might be talking about already has been identified over at Orbx forums.

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I will take some screenshots with EIKN active/not active & post them.


I will experiment with priorities etc also


Thanks for the tips


I will post my findings later


Kind Regards



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Personally, I use SBuilderX to create a small polygon in the area I wish to modify,

remove trees in this case.


I then assign the poly as one of the Landclass selections. Compile that to a BGL

and place it in an active scenery folder that resides ABOVE the OrbX files in

the FSX Add Scenery menu. Reload the scenery and chack your result.


Because OrbX changes (replaces)  many of the default landclass files you may

not see what you want always and have to change the landclass you used

in SBuilderX. It is actually a fairly simple processs and I have done this in a

number of places where OrbX has changed what was a grassy area to a golf

course or some other "that shouldn't be here" substitution. This occurs mostly

with custom add-on airports in my experience, particularly if they are "period"

facilities that look much different in todays world.


Lumberjack is just too 'global' for my tastes as I prefer to make the changes

on a case by case basis and blend the landclass replacement area into the

surrounding area.



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I use Instant Scenery for making excludes which is how you can easily remove unwanted trees.  And extremely simple program to use and might easy to create a small exclude polygon.  The landclass remains the same underneath once the trees or other objects are removed.


I though in this case you were talking about autogen trees along the approach light pathway.  Most sceneries are developed to exclude trees along the pathway but it is possible that some do not.


Sorry I have not yet checked out your listed airport but if I do shortly I'll let you know what I think might be done.

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