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Honey, I Broke The Plane...

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121 KDEN KAUS 733 2.0 -406.8 ft/min LUVCARS 4 09/20/14 Approved


That flight strip shows one of my worst recorded landings while doing virtual airline work.   We all have those off days when nothing is going right.   Let's hear the stories of your worst landings and why it happened.  Maybe others can learn from our mistakes or at the very least we get amusing stories of hot dogging that Triple 7 in at the last second!


This landing of shame here at KAUS was on VatSIM and was partly my fault and partly the controller on duty.   He cut me in way to short on my final and I didn't feel like going around again.  I was tired and cranky and passengers were being whiny brats because of turbulence en route from Denver.   The weather was definitely IFR at KAUS when I arrived, at least on my screen.  Clearly the VatSIM controller and me were seeing two different weather patterns and he cleared me in for VFR when I was like NO, IFR please.   I got clearance and was now barreling down trying to capture the glide scope.   Well I got it and the next thing I hear is invisible Tony (my FS2Crew FO) calling 500 feet.   I was like.... uh...... dang it...   Speed 165 knots...   1000 FPM.    Oh look.. there's the runway coming out of the fog.   I got this!   Shut up Tony!   I said I got this!   WAAAAHHHHHHHH!    WHOOOWHOOOOP   Pull Up!  WHOOOPWHOOOOP!  Pull Up!    Shut up Skynet!  I am in control!  We are landing this plane!   Oh shut up back there PAX!  All screaming and crying.  You big sissies!    You paid extra for this kind of service!    Last few seconds, I popped the nose, popped spoilers and brought her down at a bone jarring 406 FPM.  Blew out two tires on my 737NGX and jammed the left spoiler in the up position.   To quote Han Solo;  "It's not my fault!  It's not my fault!"



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406 isn't that hard. Anything over 600 fpm usually requires a hard landing inspection for some airlines.


It's a regular rate for me!


By our VA standards, my landing was considering Moderately Rough.   And I can tell you this, as a passenger on a real airline that hit at about 400-500 FPM... it is NOT something you should be doing on a regular basis if you want to keep your customers happy.  XD

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True. But my worst is more then double that one. :P


What is southwest virtual like? I'm looking for a challenging VA to join.


Define challenging?   We fly our routes just like the real Southwest with a fully functioning custom ACARS program for all our tracking needs.   Nice new website layout has been completed to go along with Southwest airlines new branding and color schemes which allows you book your flights in advance without having to do it in the LUVCARS software.  Every flight is logged and tracked with detailed information reporting that you can browse via the website interface.   Teamspeak3 is used on our private server for getting together to talk, coordinate flights, etc.   We have a large highly active Facebook business page we use to communicate with and toss out screen caps and videos plus forums on our website.   We have events every month and many pilots take it upon themselves to form mini flights on VatSIM together.   And.. it's Southwest Airlines, simply one of the best airlines in the industry.   I joined them because of all the incredible experiences I have had flying on real Southwest flights.   I have been flying with them for just over a year with 88 flights under my belt and have enjoyed the experience since day one.   I now paint custom liveries for our fleet to give back some of the LUV.    Come check us out.   Join up.  Hang out for a while.  If you like us, stay.  If not, thanks for applying and good luck in your future endeavors.


Two points;  1, you obviously are going to need a quality 737 aircraft to fly with us.  It's the only aircraft Southwest uses.    And 2, please refrain for 600 FPM landing... XD  Our virtual maintenance team will have to murder you and your family pet for busting all our airplanes up with comet landings.


There are two Virtual Southwest companies.  Be sure you get the right one.  The other one is bit inactive.  This is ours:

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