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Frame rates drastically reduced

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Morning all.

I understand this is a process i need to work through to eventually having everything set up correctly, and the investment in this hobby is simply too great to not spend a lot of time getting everything just right!


However, I am experiencing a big difference in frame rates from Directx9 to Directx10. I was getting an easy 25-30 frame rate reading at FACT (using payware scenery) with the PMDG 737 and traffic set at 30% from UT2.

After changing to Directx10 using the fixer, frame rates have dropped to 14-19 at the same airport with no traffic ( i am not sure why UT2 is not injecting traffic into the airport, but i will have to take it up with them as i suppose its their issue to deal with).


I created a clean fsx.cfg file. Downloaded the "how to" pdf done by Adam Banks (Adamski_NZ) and followed every direction he mentions. I also read through the manual and made the necessary adjustments there.

The only place where i have not made an adjustment is to enable Hyperthreading on my PC as i am not sure where the setting is in my BIOS. I have however enabled all 4 cores as per Adam's explanation in his guide.

My setting in FSX is the same as with Directx9 apart from the obvious inclusion of Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering which has now been enabled.


My Jobscheduler and bufferpools settings are as follows:



I am running: 

Windows 8.1

Intel Core i5 4590 @3.3Ghz 

RAM 8Gb Single-Channel DDR3 @799Mhz

Nvidia GeForce GTX750Ti


Is there anyone who can make sense of my post to assist getting frame rates up to acceptable levels. If there was traffic present my frame rates would drop to around 10-12 which is unacceptable.

And can my PC spec handle a DX10 conversion with FSX settings set quite high (but the same as my DX9 settings)?



Leonard van der Walt


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You are more likely to get tuning help on the DX10 Discussions forum than the support forum as it has more traffic.


First uninstall the libraries from the controller and check the frame rate in native DX10 to confirm that it isn't DX10SF itself (it won't be).


There are not really any config settings that make a major impact on performance.


The most likely reason for a difference is that you have increased the AA level - you could test this by reducing AA and see if frame rates increase.


You have an affinity mask for hyperthreading on a non hyperthreaded processor - I would start without an affinity mask and add later.


Check your Graphics Texture max load is set correctly for your scenery.


Check frame rates at another airport - the fact you have no traffic at FACT makes me wonder if you have two copies of it - perhaps an old demo or another version in an add on scenery that is wasting processing.

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Thanks Steve,


i actually reduced my AA setting from 8 in DX9 to 4 in DX10.

I have deleted the [JOBSCHEDULER] Affinity mask entry in my .cfg file as per your request.

Graphics texture max load was set at a very conservative 1024.

UT2 reinstall seems to have sorted out the traffic issue.

My frame rates now hang around 19-20 with traffic (30%) enabled.

I think i may just have to be satisfied with this number as it is an improvement and i don't want to mess around with my set up too much.

Thank you very much for your assistance. i will just need to live with the existing settings as it is indeed flyable.

Have a good day,


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Are you using REX textures. I had a similar experience, but then installed REX DX10 optimized textures and frames actually increased above those in DX9.

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