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Think I'm going to shelve FSFlying School...

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Let me start off by saying that if the program lived up to what the developer wanted it to be, according to the website, it would be GREAT!


It sort of comes close in P3D but, I've had issues and no response yet from the developer about them.


When flying the Lear 45, the "instructor" absolutely insists that autopilot fly the airplane from wheels up until wheels down... that's simply silly.


If I connect to FSFlying School during a flight, the "instructor" may or may not properly recognize what is enabled in the aircraft and start insisting that some function or light be switched on or off...no amount of changing the switch position will change that such as "your strobe light needs to be on" when it is on already and even after repeated changing it from on to off and back will cause the switch position to register.


The manual states that pressing ctrl-shft-D will put an information banner on the main screen of the flight sim...hasn't worked for me yet...at all.


The manual also states that pressing ctrl-shft-X will change your flight mode back one spot...like from cruise to takeoff. That hasn't worked for me yet either.


On approaches to the runway, the instructor's directions will get you onto the ground...before the runway...nose down... if you try to follow them. You'll be told not to use so much throttle even when you're already near stall speed...if you nose down a bit so you can keep your throttle position or reduce it and not stall, you are immediately told your descending too fast. If you try to use the PAPI lights ahead of you during a visual approach and you have two white and two red indicating your on the glide path, the instructor will insist that you are either too high or too low...it seems a bit random which you'll be told. It seems that the instructor refuses to recognize a plain old visual approach and is using instruments in such a no-tolerance method that a deviation of a few feet from perfect is not acceptable.


In short, the program as it sits now is just too frustrating for me to want to deal with.

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I use FSFlyingschool to practice my landings.I agree the instructor is not always correct -I ignore him most of the time! but the program allows me to set up my landings and rate them and keep a logbook-that in itself makes it a keeper for me.

Perhaps you could post on the dedicated support forum-you may get a quicker more helpful reply from the developer



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I posted to their forums... I was told that every issue I had was operator error by one of the support guys, including the problems with the commands not working.


That was yesterday. Today, I got an email from the publisher that was in a better tone. I responded that if we could get the commands working, I would not ask for a refund.

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