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Tristan Marchent

This is getting beyond a joke now.

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Hi guys,


I don't normally if at all post in the Avsim forums, I do mainly come onto to just read that's all. But I am that annoyed at my system today that I deem it necessary to come on here, post and try and get to the bottom of the problem I am, now, seeing more of.


Today, day off from work, I planned I would fly Emirates 19 in full real time, from Dubai (Fly Tampa Scenery) to Manchester (UK2000) using the fantastic PMDG 777-300ER. Flight went absolutely fantastic, flying online using IVAO at the crowded skies event (Which was unusually quiet over the UK..) and just before descent, FSX froze and produced a Windows 7 fatal error message asking me that I could/should restart FSX.


You can I am sure appreciate my frustration after 7:15 hours of flying in perfect conditions, everything monitored and enjoyed, looking forward to bringing a heavy 777-300ER into Manchester at night.


What really is causing this? I had no error codes, nothing.. So what add-ons was I using?


Fly Tampa Dubai

Orbx Global and Orbx England

UK 2000 manchester

VFR London X

London Heathrow Xtreme 

UK2000 Birmingham

Active Sky Next - REX Textures

PMDG 777-300ER



Run on one single monitor.


Now, looking at that it does seem a little silly having VFR London X on and London Heathrow Xtreme, yes I could've turned that straight off before I even started the flight. 


Earlier this week I had TWO BSOD's. One when not using FSX and the other, same situation flying from Dubai to Manila in the middle cruise portion of idle flight. On one of my BSOD occurrences, I noticed it said memory_management to which I researched and this pointed to the RAM needing to be changed? Not sure what error message was produced on the other BSOD occurrence, as I turned it off straight away.


So my computer is under my desk in my room and is now coming up to 5 years old, yes I was surprised myself. And the system is as follows:


Case: ATX Tower with Corsair 750w PSU

Motherboard: MSI X58 PRO-E

CPU: Intel i7 940 Quad Core @ 2.93Ghz

Hard Disk: Samsung 1TB 32Mb Cache

Graphics Card: NVidia 285 GTX 1Gb DDR3

Memory: Corsair 12Gb Tri Channel 1600Mhz

DVD Drive: 22x DVD Re-Writer Dual Layer SATA

Sound: Creative Audigy Extreme Audio X-Fi

O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit


I'd really love some advice as to why, the flight performs excellently throughout, until the last portion of the flight, as is the case today! To put it in perspective over a month ago I flew EGLL-RKSI and that was flawless, great flight same kind of scenery.


I would really appreciate your advice! Maybe, it's time to change the computer as a whole! I know FSX, My FSX is highly tuned to run at as high as performance as possible and I do make sacrifices.. But I also want it to look and feel as realistic as possible!


Many thanks,



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G'day Tristan.


Your problem is not unique.  Many members suffer the same fate in FSX that's why I continue to fly heavies in FS9!


You mention your computer is 5 years old.  Perhaps it could do with another clean ... dust can lead to all sorts of problems developing.  Judging by your comments you may need to remove and re-seat your Ram sticks.


The prime suspect in your case however is VAAS.  The FSX does not efficiently flush Ram.  You are using memory intensive aircraft and airport sceneries, not to mention real weather and after 7 hours your computer has more than likely run out of memory.  Unfortunately it is advisable before the flight you disable any sceneries on your flightpath otherwise FSX will load those into precious memory even though you are at cruising altitude.


Yes it was quieter than normal over the UK yesterday.  A computer malfunction at Heathrow caused no end of traffic delays, affecting Europe as well.  :(

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Try installing FSUIPC, the unregistered version. It will alarm if your VAS is running low.


Other than that, I suggest you go into the event viewer and see what the error code was. It could be an .dll error which in many cases is solvable. In addition, if you buy FSUIPC it will fix a special type of fatal error (don't remember which) but it contain a fix nevertheless. 


But first, check your event viewer and see what the error code produced when FSX crashed was.

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"Appliance" is right. Most likely "Out of Memory" error...when your VAS exceeded about 4Gb. Very easily done these day with complex aircraft, scenery and AI aircraft (or in your case, generated traffic from IVAO.


Do a search on:


OOM; Out of Memory

VAS; Virtual Address Space


Quite a few topics on the subject and not unique to your situation!

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