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A Path from 2.2.10438

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I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with upgrades and updates. But, I have been away from flying for a while due to series of very serious family issues and missed the patch to 2.3.11345.  Now, I want to go to 2.4 but can't get there directly from my 2.2 installation.  I (and a few others) have posted on the LM site asking if they could maybe keep the 2.3 patch available again for a while.  But, I'm not too hopeful about that.


If that remains the case, my only option is to do a re-install - is that correct?  That is not that big of deal except for having to re-install all of my add ons.  I'm guessing that there is no easy way around this?  Thanks, Rick

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Basically correct...although there is something to be said for a fresh full install to make sure that all the demons from earlier versions are really left behind.


Progress is...painful.


P.S. nice kit in the pix...running a Roland TD-30KV kit here.



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Thanks.  I would love the TD-30KV.  But, I play drums at church and, since we are small, I found a TD-9KX2 like mine for the church as well and bought it. I think that my wife would kill me (or worse) if I then went out and got the TD-30.  I have expanded both of the TD-9's with a 4th tom, 2nd crash and a splash and a lot of VEX kits.  So, while there is always envy for the newer better one, I really am happy with my TD-9.


Now on to getting P3D 2.4 installed. Thanks, Rick, KQ4Y

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yeh no easy way..just bite the bullet and do a fresh install...takes me a few days every time ,but worth it so far .2.4 has a few issues,still amazing for drums...

i had a set of the TD9KX2 upgraded with JOBEKY pads for indoors.when  i'm out i use my DW collectors.they just sound great where ever i go :smile:



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I think that my wife would kill me (or worse) if I then went out and got the TD-30.

There are some things worth dying for. :-D


I added an extra splash/crash pad, and am considering a second ride. I was a bit wary about e-drums at first, but the ability to play to my heart's content at all hours without drawing fire from the wife more than compensates for any shortcomings (and with the tensioned heads they are few).



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