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FS2Crew - New Mic Needed?

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Simmers and Staff,


I've been using FS2Crew for the past few years now, and, obviously, I've been loving it. Be it the NGX, the T7, the Majestic DH4 or the Aerosoft Airbus, it brings another dimension to the sim seldom seen by other addons. I have of late, however, been experiencing some issues, namely in the recognition itself. It's been taking me multiple tries for the software to accurately pick up my various flap commands on any aircraft, and phrases often are never heard whatsoever. To combat this, I went, as per instruction on another forum post, to my speech dictionary, and inserted phrases for the flaps before recording them. Though still, it's not really working. The software, on the T7 for example, picks up flaps one, up, and five as "flaps five", with a myriad of other misunderstandings throughout all flights. So, I was wondering if it may be my microphone that is to blame. I use a Turtle Beach X12 headset (have been using it for two years), and, although there is much hissing in the audio now, I'm wondering if the mic may be on its way out as well. If not, is there some sort of microphone calibration I may be missing (I tried the default one, to no avail), or something else I can do to try and rectify this? Perhaps too many USB connections?


With warmest regards,



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Hi Derek,


The only mic calibration function I can think of is the Microsoft Voice Training.


Try running the Microsoft Voice Training again.


But your mic may being failing since you said the results are slowly deteriorating.


Try with a new mic.

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