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Instructions for a beginner

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How to make a good quality aircraft for P3d? What tools can I use to make the model, the instruments, the systems, .air file etc?



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Hello teopereira,

Gmax ( Freeware ) or Flight Sim Design Studio 3.5 - for Geometry - along with the Flight Sim Sdk - And You will need Gimp or Photo Shop ( Ps Cs2 is Free on the Web site ) - Google it - These Packages have the Largest Number - and Best - Tutorials .


Check out the FSDeveloper web site - and Here - a Gold mine of Information !!


Good Luck Grasshopper !!



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I have not gained much experience as an aircraft developer, but from a scenery designer stand point with a lot of know how in FS, here's some of what you might want to know to make some high quality aircraft:

- Advanced modelling skills (Gmax/3DS Max/Blender, Sketchup is not an option for aircraft to my knowledge)
- Advanced texturing skills (Layering, paintkit development, bump mapping, ambient occlusion baking)
- Advanced/Complete understanding of XML or C+ for gauges
- Complete understanding of what an air file is and how it works
- Complete knowledge of the limits of P3D (i.e. animation limits)
- Complete understanding of almost every detail/measurement/piece of data about the aircraft in question
- Advanced/Complete understanding of real vs. simulated flight dynamics

And more!

Don't be overwhelmed, start slow and work your way up, it's all a learning process that's supposed to be fun, not work  B)

Remember, even PMDG started from their lowly B1900C/D 

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