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Above REX for FS9/ASE cloud bases...KFNT to Guadeloupe

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At 31,000 AGL, near Cleveland, Ohio on our way to the Caribbean...


Honestly, I don't think any other sim has the full franchise for putting out incredible meteorological graphics.


Here is FS9...and it is stupendous!


Moving above the clouds,  with absolutely no stutter or chunk...makes the view totally believable that you are there...and the flight is real. This is the stongest suit of FS9, as compared to all other civil flight sims.   I am hooked....


REX clouds within FS9, are just plain Nirvana....and because you can crank the settings to bent full....well...the pics say it all...


Having a always!


Captain Ses




Almost had a mid-air, under authority of the New York Control Centre...c'mon New York...wake up!:
Hard Winter over New York enroute to the Carib....:
Present Position along flight plan...
Just about to clear the New York coast to head out over the Atlantic....GPS in view...
Turning towards the Caribbean...and kissing the New York coast good-bye.... :)
31,000 feet below, to fish for clams, lobster,...and perhaps a Great White shark..fishes for you...if a wing lets loose. We can hear people relaxing, laughing...can't wait to hit the beaches in Guadeloupe, and rum is flowing back in the cabin...most assuredly...!  :blink:

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Well...the User ran out of time...about an hour out from arrival.  The real world calls...more specifically, the Better Half calls...


...saved the flight..and will time shift to a landing


Places to go...things to do...according to my wife....and that 'according' always takes precedence.... :)



Excellent shots.

Thanks Pug,  the flight outlasted the User being able to sit before it....and bring it down to the numbers on the island...


Thank goodness for the 'save option as default'....

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