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Flaps not working with Multi Panel on A2A 172

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   Hello all. I just finished my sim pit and am working now at setting it up and fixing all the small issues, but one has me puzzled. I have a Saitek multi panel with the flap switch connected to a powered usb hub and am setting up the A2A 172. Just using SPAD and not FSUIPC, which I do have the registered version, it worked the first time I tried, but would only go from 10-20 degrees, and once in maybe 10-15 tries to 30, but never to zero. I saw that FSUIPC seemed to have a way to set up flaps under Joystick Controls, but it seemed confusing so I avoided it. I tried to set up through FSUIPC Axis and Keystrokes, but it wouldn't recognize the flap switch. I got into SPAD and set the switch to keypress mode, or whatever, and assigned the standard F6 and F7 keys. I also went into FSX and deleted any other buttons that were set to these keys. It worked perfectly! 0-30 degrees any time I wanted. I reloaded the aircraft so I could show my father that it was working. I went to use flaps and nothing happened at all. I went back through, checked my settings, reset my settings and fiddled a ton. I cannot for the life of me get it to respond. Anyone know what the heck could be going on? I will keep fiddling for now.

   One more thing. I have the Saitek radio, multi panel and switch panel all on a powered usb hub. SPAD recognizes the radio and multi panel every time and allows me to make my adjustments, while SPAD doesn't say anything about a switch panel being connected in the upper left corner. Should it be showing up? Shouldn't it show up so I can make adjustment through SPAD. When I got it a few weeks ago I tested it to make sure it wasn't damaged and the starter knob and more than half the switches worked without changing or setting up anything. Should I try a different usb port? I have no Saitek drivers and I jiggled and unplugged and replugged usb's but it didn't do anything. Any help is great. Thank you.


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