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night enviroment british isle+uk2000 scenerys

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hi chris


I have just purchased night lights environment british isle fantastic product just one problem I use uk2000 sceneries  the problem I have is they wont show through the uk2000 scenery what I mean is the lights stop around the boarder of uk2000 scenery even though that is photo scenery ? any suggestions please there is a main  road that runs along side the perimeter fence of uk2000 sceneries the new v3 of egbb has one but no night environment lights ? over the photo scenery thanks chris

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Hi Gus

I’m not sure i completely understand the issue you’re having

do you see the 3D lights over UK2000 but not the splash?

can you post an image showcasing the issue you’re seeing?


as a rule of thumb we remove all lights extruding airport boundaries ;

this is actually a very frustrating and time consuming step when we prep a region,

but it has to be done this way; so the field is ready for 3rd party scenery developers

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how the hell do you post a screen shot on ere

chris can you send me a email address please its a lot easier so I can send pics thanks  

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my email is always listed inside AS manual

(i don’t post it on forums because robots start to spam my inbox)


generally any one of our support forums (like this one)

is the preferred medium; for the global community benefit


i use this site to post images

no login or registration required; just point to your image and upload


(when upload completes; copy the third code snippet and paste inside your post here;

you might want to first reduce the image size and save as xxx.jpg;

no need to upload the oversized bmp fsx outputs)

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you did it! :)


now try to move EGGB scenery folder above NE's

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hi chris still no lights does it have to be at the very top of scenery list egbb v 3

it might be new imagery


2015_2_17_1_15_10_677.jpg the road to the left is the A45 which is a main dual carriage way as in first pic you can see wher your lights stop but they shoud run along side the new v3 egbb ?



I all so use gen x photo scenery



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i don't think these are NE lights splash; we stop way ahead of the highway

it looks to me very much like a manual splash placement done by the developer

i can tell by the accuracy of the splash location; unless we made a mistake

we never go anywhere near the airport bounds;

in fact we keep a clearance buffer just to be safe

this is just to close to the field imo

it is for that exact reason we keep away from the field boundaries


technically speaking, NE should be above your regional PR; thats it as far as considerations go

everything should work normally as if you were layering photoreal scenery for other scenery objects


it is very hard for me to understand whats wrong (night pics :) );

im not sure what to expect there; to me it looks like there should be an airport field in this area

with runways and flashing lights etc...

since NE is never within any airport boundaries;

its hard for me to think of a logical reason how NE is effecting any of the scenery in your case


i suggest you open this thread on Mutley's Hangar forum

a local community focused on UK territory and scenery;

there might be more resources to work with there; in regards to the scenery collection you're running

(i am active on that site as well)

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After examining the first image again
I’m pretty sure now it’s not NE’s light splash there

Look closely how we cut the highway at both intersections before the filed (top and bottom)
i recognize this pattern; this means everything in between these point had been cleaned and kept away from

another pointer; we use orange lights for major highways;

the same color you see cutoff at the top and bottom;
should have been going through the middle there
the spacing is incorrect and not consistent (not our pattern)
and the splash is not the right size (looking at second image)


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You should ask Gary over at UK2000 also, it might be a thing unfixable for Chris.

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unless im mistaken; there's nothing that is NE related to solve; these aren't NE splash point there
they were most likely placed by the airport developer; or the PR editor,
there's not much i can do if it’s not NE’s element

please try Morten's advice as additional route



its also seems that you are using at least one or more lighting element there



these are clearly not our splash patterns; could be the field comes with its own areal night photoreal

(i can see it clearly here on my screen, the field has a clear night image with splash under it



see the distinct color difference right around the field perimeters?




can you tell the field has its own additional PR image there (disable it to solve this issue)


that layer is not NE! probably photoreal bgl inside EGGB scenery folder

(look for the largest or second largest file there and disable it to confirm)

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hi chris I have tried what you said and still no lights could you contact Gary over at uk2000 as I mentioned it on egbb forum and he does not no about night environment British isle maybe you both could work out a fix for us uk2000 scenery's as there is a lot of his airports with this situation i.e. airports with roads running along side the airports thanks

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I’m happy to cooperate with Gary to help our UK2K customers; but i don’t think this qualifies as an issue yet

to me it looks like layering; and possibly two or three night application mixed in there


unless we made a mistake; there shouldn’t be any NE light next to the runway; we intentionally remove them!

what got you confused; are the visible splash points on the ground there

these do look like a 3D light should go above because of the splash;

but they dont actually belong to NE


please bring this to Mutley's; beside the fact that its a nice crowed

the guys there are well verse with UK area and sceneries bundles mix

anything related to UK sceneries thats the place to start

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hi chris


I am a user of gsx photo scenery and I do have all the night textures off and not installed so still no lights running along the A45 ?



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