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Razbam metro autopilot question

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Hi all i cant believe im going to ask this but i have tottaly forgot how to do this and my brain drawing a blank.


My question is how do i get the autopilot to follow the gps route ive moved the switch from nav to gps and have a flightplan on the gps but i cant get the autopilot to follow the gps and when i go into the autopilot panel it wont let me click the nav button so it will follow the desired route im currently having to use the heading button to follow my gps route what am i doing wrong as i used to be able to click the nav button on the autopilot and it would follow the gps route.


thanks in advance




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Hi Hayden

 I've upgraded the A/P according to the mod's provided ( which is very detailed) and my Metroliner's AP follows the GPS perfectly when switching the button you mentioned, and putting the AP in Nav Mode.

If you haven't already, take a look at the mod's the community has developed. They really make this a very good model. I got this for $10 last Christmas sale. Turns out its one of my favs in my hangar. FDE ( Bernt Stolle ) and graphics are really well done. It just needed the extras that the community provided to bring it all together.

Here's the thread. You'll have to scroll through to find the AP details. It's lengthy but well worth reading.


Should solve your GPS/AP problems as it did mine.

  Enjoy !!




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I could be wrong but I don't think the Razbam Metro autopilot can do what you want it to do in this case. I have this a/c myself and can't get it to follow a GPS route either. The NAV ARM button seems solely to work with radio navigation (i.e. VORs etc). This is a known issue as the real Metroliner apparently has a very limited autopilot anyway.

There is a large thread on these forums that have some people who (I think) have developed a more extensive autopilot for the Metroliner. It's a large thread though; hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can provide you a link to their updates.


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