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  1. Yes I think that's probably the best solution. I don't have a lot of desk space/inclination for added peripherals but that would be the best user experience.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The first part of your post certainly occurred to me - it is not a perfect solution by any means. In fact it has the potential to be way more frustrating than helpful. I guess I was interested to test it out and see how it performed in the sim, and whether it was more palatable than my current setup, which is using buttons/keys. It's a good point about the mixture in FS, although I primarily fly A2A planes and their engine modelling is such that I find trying to use the mixture 'by the book' is quite rewarding.
  3. Hi all, I use a Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick. It has one throttle slider/axis. I am wondering if there is any way that I could have that one axis be responsible for throttle, mixture and prop. Eg, when wanting to change throttle, use the slider as normal. When wanting to change mixture, press a key (or press and hold) and then move the slider; eg shift+slider = mixture. And then ctrl+slider=prop. I don't think this is possible in default FSX control settings. Is this something FSUIPC could do? It may well be that it is impossible, but I'd be interested to know. Thanks.
  4. Before you go reinstalling, check out this thread http://www.avsim.com/topic/432227-8-minute-freeze-in-777-possible-solution/ It is possibly a sound driver issue. If that thread doesn't help google fsx freeze sound driver and have a snoop around. Sorry I can't be more specific - i had this problem a while ago and updating my sound driver did the trick. Of course different setups may require diffeent solutions but IMO a reinstall probably won't fix anything - but this might.
  5. Since buying the PMDG 777 I have been loving the Auto Cruise function. There is something strangely satisfying about 'flying' an long haul in real time, but I find going to 2x or 4x works well - some flights can still take 3 hours but it feels like an achievement. If I don't have time for that I take the A320 on a short hop.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm going to switch to Steam soon so I'm glad it seems worth it
  7. d33my

    Progress seems to be slowing for FSX

    Interesting discussion. As a recent buyer of A2A products and PMDG 777 I am amazed at what these devs have been able to do with the platform. I spent some time yesterday in the flight deck of the 777 just reading through the FCOM and pushing various switches (even the ones I was told not to press....haha). My experience wasn't exactly with FSX but rather PMDG. Of course the 777 is not possible without the FSX background and I am very glad that FS had so many great years of development. I guess everybody has different requirements but the level of detail in the latest models from the likes of A2A, PMDG and Aerosoft had kept me very satisfied. It amazes me how well people understand FSX now and, as mentioned above, this body of knowledge, coupled with a stable platform (from a development POV) has led to the kinds of things that Microsoft would most likely never have intended to model anyway. Tom Marius
  8. d33my

    Realize Duke radar altimeter

    It's funny you should ask - I just did an ILS into EGGP last night in this a/c. The light came on at DH but I don't recall hearing a sound.
  9. d33my

    Future of Aviation

    I'd say 737 and A320 would still definitely be in service (albeit updated). The sheer number of them out there would suggest its economical for companies to seek upgrades to fleets rather than wholesale replacements. To be honest, I don't think 10-20 years is that long in aviation terms. Just my thoughts.
  10. d33my

    Night Scenery Issue

    I get a pretty similar effect. I always figured it was to do with the sim rendering texture being hit by aircraft lights, and the game just not doing a great job of it. Though it may be affected by different aircraft (ie different lights?) What aircraft are you using?
  11. Just incredible. 5th shot looks like a photo. Great work.
  12. d33my

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    RIP Tom, thanks for AVSIM.
  13. d33my

    Loocking for planes with FMC

    I think the QW757 will be what you're after, I have it myself and it is fun to fly. The cockpit and external models are acceptable without having any overwhelming 'wow' factor, but the sounds are great and the FMC is functional to a degree; you can fly SIDs and STARs no problem.
  14. d33my

    How Do You Use Default ATC?

    As with most people here, I use it when it suits me and seems to add to realism, and ignore it at all other times. Eg sometimes the most popular or best fitting SID will be one which relies on radar vectors and so I am happy in those cases to let MS guide me. Otherwise I choose what's best for me/is most realistic.