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Black Screen crashes

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After many years of DX9 I though it was time to move up toDX10 with the help of the Fixer which I bought and installed yesterday

It was everything I had expected - no more flashing markings or OOMS as I fly into ES Isle of Man - except that I have yet to complete a flight without the screen turning black as FSX continues in the background.

A message then pops up saying that the 'Display Driver stopped responding and has restarted' The Event viewer reports a LiveKernelEvent. I have never experienced this with DX9.


My PC was recently upgraded to an i7 5820 (ocd to 3.8), Geforce GTX780, 16GB DDR4. All software is on SSDs. I have 2 monitors - 27" for the main display and  24" for Navigraph, ASN , Process explorer etc.

Flights have been with default scenery and also with (amongst other addons) VFR Photoscenery, UK2000 and ES Airports and Scenery, ORBX scenery, ASN, REX 4Texture, FSPA and the Majestic Dash8


The system does not seem to be overloaded - FPS 20 -30, VAS 2.6 to 3.6 depending on location, GPU and CPU temps in lower 50s, GPU load 25% to 35%.

HT is on and AM set to release Core 0

The latest GPU drivers are installed


AA is set to 4x and Bloom is off as I found this to be a major FPS killer. I usually run in Windowed mode.

I have set NV inspector as per the manual and guide


There is no obvious trigger - sometimes it occurs when I have a window open, other times when just the Pilot View or External view is displayed.

The crashes have happened most frequently after an hour or so but sometimes after 15 minutes or two hours.


I appreciate that there are many variables that might be contributiing to this problem but I would appreciate any assistance in pointing me in the direction of where a solution might be found



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Looking at what you have done the only suggestions that I can make are


1) try a full uninstall install of the driver

2) have you read through the multi monitor section in the dx10 how to guide hosted on nzfsim? In particular does the right mouse click work?

3) try using just one monitor as an experiment to see if the problem relates to the two monitors.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I have done as suggested and started a flight at ES Gurnsey with just  the 27" monitor switched on flying in a Majestic Dash8 with Photoscenery, ORBX, ASN, Texture Direct etc.

I flew for 3 hours the length and breadth of GB and Ireland without a hitch and so decided to see what would happen if I switched on the second monitor and put the FMC pop up on that

Again largely problem free for 90 minutes apart from some grey patches in the sky and the textures around the intrument panels not loading for a few minutes.

I ended the flight at Earth Simulations Isle of Man in heavy cloud so it was not surprising when  VAS reached 4.05 and FSX eventually froze. But there were no black screens at all.


I was wondering if the problem has been with the monitor - HAZRO HZ27WC -  which is a bit quirky not supporting upscaling, having only a DVI input and which many users (myself included) have found does not display the BIOS sequence when booting, only lighting up once Windows is launched. (The BIOS sequence appears on my second monitor)


I'll continue to experiment with just one monitor and see how it goes

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