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  1. A great utility. Many thanks for your work. All that I can suggest for further development would be including the airport elevation along with the other info if that is possible.
  2. I installed Traffic 360 when I installed FSX Steam two years ago and have had no problems
  3. Having read this thread I decided to give FollowMe2 a try with FSX SE. Downloading and installation all proceeded without a hitch but when I invoke the menu I get the message that FollowMe 'is not able to read the Airport Data' I've tried it at several airports - default and payware (mainly UK2000) but without success. I've made sure that all the SimConnects are installed as suggested on the Steam forum and also have MakeRunways and DX10 fixer installed in case that's relevant I can only assime that FollowMe2 is incompatible with FSX SE but maybe someone has a solution. I'm using W10 64 btw I
  4. Blackpool is included in UK2000 Vol3 Airfields (FSX) (as is Warton EGNO) and very good it is blending well with Horizon photoscenery. I have V1 and am not sure whether the recently issued V2 reflects the recent downgrading.
  5. I think the lesson to be learned from this thread is that Saitek gear eventually fails while CH goes on forever. That is why it is still there to go back to when other controllers give up the ghost. I bought my first CH gear starting in 2005 and have been using it more or less daily since then for all manner of flight sims. It is still working as well as ever apart from one lever on the TQ which is showing some slight excess movement at the detente position. Given its longevity, CH is probably a safer buy secondhand and comes up regularly on eBay e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flight-Simulator-Yoke-/142217295726?hash=item211ccfb76e:g:JksAAOSw5cNYRAbR I bought a Fighterstick and Pro Throttle bundle for £90 from that source. The yoke movement is certainly not as smooth as a yoke shaft made from metal. At a Sim fair, I once had the opportunity to do a side by side comparison witha Swiss built yoke costing £600. Not surpringly the all metal Swiss yoke was noticably smoother and weightier but I have not had any problems wth the CH. Wiping it over with a cloth to keep it free from dust and debris seems to be all that is required.
  6. You might also like to consider 'IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover' available on Steam for about £10 for authentic WW2 aircraft and airfields
  7. This sale seems to have ended early - along with all the other FSX items that the seller had listed. Perhaps somebody got in quick with an irresistable 'Buy Now' offer.
  8. Vol 7 has just appeared on eBay Good Luck! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VFR-Photographic-Scenery-Generation-X-Vol-7-Scotland-Central-/331878946330?hash=item4d4586d61a:g:blgAAOSwepJXXBbb
  9. They also can be found on eBay eg: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-Photographic-Scenery-Guernsey-Channel-Isles-Vol-13-For-Microsofts-FSX-New-/112014451953?hash=item1a1494e4f1:g:AXIAAOSwp5JWYLRF
  10. One of the more interesting features is that we implemented a "head shake" to replace the seat of the pants sensation you would get in certain instances, such as leaving your cowl flaps set too far open in high speed flight. If you do this in the real airplane, you get a very ominous, low frequency rumble and vibration through the airframe If you have a Buttkicker installed, you'll be able to feel ithe vibration as well - assuming that the low frequency rumble is replicated. A real seat of the pants sensation. http://www.thebuttkicker.com/
  11. I recently replaced my faulty Hazro IPS 27" monitor with a Dell S271DG G-Sync which is a very competent piece of equipment. It is a TN screen and therefore has some disadvantages compared to an IPS screen (restricted viewing angles, less rich and true colours) and some advantages (much faster response times). So its suitability depends on what you will be using it for aside from FSX. For a more comprehensive review of what is available, I would suggest visiting the following sites: https://pcmonitors.info/ http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews.htm
  12. Here's the ES Installer v 2.4. as referred to in the guide. It might be of some use: http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/WrAZY7lv/file.html Good luck!
  13. You might find some useful information in this thread http://www.avsim.com/topic/460430-installation-of-earth-simulations-isle-of-man-boxed-edition/ and in this guide produced by Flightstore https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12271908/ESI%20Installer%20Help.pdf The crucial element is to disconnect from the Internet during installation I managed to reinstall all my ES scenery (some from disks, some from saved downloads) by following the guide and some trial and error. You could also try copying the disks to an HDD and running from that to solve the the problem with the disks.
  14. I use IObit's Driver booster 3 which works very well . I've also seen 'Driver Talent' strongly recommended. There seem to be many similar free programs but be aware that with all of them after installaion you will receive frequent popups inviting you to purchase the 'pro' version. Also be careful where you download them from and what you tick (or leave pre ticked) when installing or you might end up with a lot of bloatware/adware/malware.
  15. That shouldn't be a problem. During the first six months, DTG issued several updates to fix problems that had come to light (particularly the 'terrain.dll' crashes) but have now stated that they do not intend to issue any more updates for FSX SE and are concentrating on developing their own flight sim.
  16. It could be due to a conflict with other scenery packages eg UTX, ORBX. Do you have any of these installed? Or it could be that the VFR scenery didn't install properly. I have experienced this with Horizon scenery when large areas of water appeared where there should have been none. The solution was simply to reinstall the scenery software
  17. And try AVAST Free instead. It performs well in comparative tests and has never caused me any problems. In fact I've never found it necessary to disable it when installing or running any programs.
  18. I currently have several ES products installed on FSX. Will I be able to reinstall them on FSX SE when I drop FSX and move over? I haven't saved the files but relied on their ESI installer for fresh downloads.
  19. I bought the original Buttkicker Gamer in 2006 and have used it with all my racing and flight sims since then. As it is audio driven, its effectiveness varies from game to game depending on the sound files used and it does take a bit of tweaking to get the levels right but I've found it to be exceptionally realistic in older racing sims sich as GT Legends and GP Legends where running over the ribbed kerbs or into the gravel produces a very involving immersion. The effects seem toned down a bit in later sims such as F1 2010 but they are still there. Similarly with flight sims the earlier versions of IL2 produced stronger effects than later versions - presumably because the developers decided that the in cockpit sounds were unrealistically loud and turned them down. Nevertheless being able to feel bullets and flak striking your aircraft and feeling it start to judder as you go into a tight turn or get onto the cusp of a stall as in IL2 CoD is immensely involving, With FSX the effects vary considerably from aircraft to aicraft but it is usually possible to feel a steady rumble from the engines and to feel a satisfying jolt as the flaps and landing gear are deployed or retracted but touchdown is usually jolt free. Regarding the PMDG 737NGX I find it difficult to achieve a satisfactory balance. For some reason when I set a level to produce a steady vibration with the engines running, looking down, behind or to the right produces excessive vibration while looking up or to the left does not. Using the spoilers in flight produces quite a strong juddering but deploying flaps and gear has no effect at all. In contrast to other aircraft though, touching down produces a noticable effect as does rolling down the runway on takeoff and landing. In summary I would regard Buttkicker as very worthwhile addon for all simulation games.
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