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Having a LIMC Nightmare.

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Hi All,


Currently on a EGKK to LIMC flight in my Avro RJ100, but I can't land the bloody thing. Luckily I saved my game 30 mins before my landing attempts so I am able to have another go (Failed 3 times so far)


Basically I fly IFR for Take off and Landings and set FMC from my flightplan (High Altitude Airways) for the middle bit.


I have not been able to work out landing using stars so I follow IFR ATC Instructions and land ILS.


Here is where I have run into a problem as firstly ATC instructed me to land on Runway 17R which has no ILS, but I asked for another runway and was given 17L (No option for 35R or L).


I Select 17L and set up the ILS but cannot intercept the Glidescope as the ATC instructions descend me too late over the mountains. I have tried selecting the Steep Descent button but again plane just wont drope quick enough.


Any idea's? I though about going into the FMC but I get 3 options for ILS17(X,Y & Z) and I have no idea what else to select to get the right FMC run approach. The FMC ILS Info for the NAV radios is also wring, it shows 110.75 but the Game Map Airport selection shows 109.5 (Approx)



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Try slowing down to 150 before you start that steep descent. And maybe put in some flaps. And then remember you got to take your speed out before descending. So if you are high and hot on approach, slow down first. You can also google some charts and do a standard approach.

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