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  1. Wow! I hadn’t logged in for some time. Sad to see this. Condolences to his family.
  2. Thanks for posting. Running w7 with recent stutters. I thought it was ASN as well. I'm glad it wasn't!
  3. They should have partnered up with someone from the start. I think the design was solid but the execution took way to long for a finished product.
  4. Shocked and saddened by this news. Although I didn't know him personally his wit and ability to use logic was always something that I admired. My sympathies to his family.
  5. I've been watching this team since the beginning. I'm sorry that the team is closing, but the communication at all stages was very vague regarding deadlines which scared me off. I can't tell you how many times I was about to submit an order and always felt like I needed to wait it out. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt this way. I hope this tech is licensed to a different group soon.
  6. And how do we get the word out? Can it placed on avsim news front page?
  7. What about a coupon code? Basically set up a group order to be built after 90 days ex. December 18, 2014. Or, to make it easy Jan. 1, 2015. All orders would put down a deposit, enter coupon code,and then wait for the orders to come in. The total number of orders will dictate the price. Of course someone would have to let us know the totals so we could drum up additional orders. On the expected date all funds are due and cards are charged. Then the yokes will be ordered and assembled. This assumes that Iris can make a bigger announcement in the Avsim forums. Not sure if this section gets many views. And that Iris' website could take an order with a coupon code. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks Chad! Maybe we set up a thread in here with 25, 50, 75, etc. and then have an execute date of 30-90 days to get people to sign on. If a thread doesn't have enough posts by a certain date it collapses to the next lower order. I will personally post in the 100 if that's the way we go.
  9. FWIW, perhaps put the offer in the Bargain Hunters or classifieds here on avsim. Your explanation makes perfect sense, and I think there are enough customers on avsim that would put deposits down immediately. Especially if you factor the time it will take 99 other simmers to find the post, sourcing, production, etc.
  10. I would be the first the first to sign up. Maybe have everyone pre-pay or a deposit so you could have some working capital. Hopefully others will see your post and comment. Thanks!
  11. Any chance you would do a discount if we did an AVSIM group purchase. Maybe 100 units get x discount? I like the product at $800. At $1500 it's not an option. $1000 would be closer to reality for most enthusiasts...
  12. I will only include PIC. FAA doesn't count passenger time...Airplane:Cessna 152Diamond DA-20HelicopterRobinson r-22
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