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    PPL ASEL. Instrument ASEL. Working on Commercial now!
  1. fullmetal02

    News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    After just reading all 33 pages of this thread, I have come to one general conclusion: No matter what happens, I'm glad to see flight sim alive and well. I got my CPL because of flight sim and simming is something I think about everyday. I can't wait for the fall. And if it disappoints we still have other options. Cheers everyone!
  2. I skipped v3. V2 is too bright, poorly optimized, and frankly looks like something from 2008. Honestly I hope someone other than Latin VFR picks it up for DTG FS11. They should have provided as a free update, so there's that as well...
  3. fullmetal02

    Loading times, SSD and differences

    Sorry I should have been clearer; yes loading times differ based on a number of factors, and yes you will see faster loading times with a SDD. In sim I've never been able to discern a difference.
  4. fullmetal02

    Loading times, SSD and differences

    Please post differences. Until then it's a moot point. I have had FSX on multiple setups. There is no difference!
  5. fullmetal02

    Diamond's DA62 looks stunning!

    The TBO is too short to purchase (not that I have a spare $1.5M lying around). But, a lease option would make sense. A 1000 Hour TBO is likely a no go for many buyers. If only I had the cash. I would lease it, and fly it to the Caribbean every weekend!
  6. fullmetal02

    Which addon airport should I buy?

    I like KIAH. But the taxiway bridges force you to use the "recommended mesh resolution". I can't remember what it is but for those of us who run with sliders to the right it's a pain to switch when planning a flight. KDEN is fly and forget with whatever settings you already have on your pc. Performance is great. The only drawback is the taxi distance (joking!)
  7. fullmetal02

    KSFO From FlightBeam

    Yes there are a number of developers that produce quality sceneries. My point is that FB is the top dog. The addon manager is a very small (perhaps arguably insignificant) detractor to an otherwise top quality product.
  8. fullmetal02

    KSFO From FlightBeam

    Yes there are criticisms that I have leveled re:FSDT, but the addon manager is not one of them. The addon manager is really not an issue. Still FB is at the top of addon pyramid. They have no current peer.
  9. fullmetal02

    KSFO From FlightBeam

    Anything by Flightbeam is a day 1 purchase. All sceneries perform flawlessly. I still love KDEN!
  10. fullmetal02

    Should I bother with PMDG 777?

    For an intro into the jet transport category I would try the 737 first. The 777 is highly automated which is a good thing, but bad if you're just learning to fly.
  11. fullmetal02

    FSX FPS drop every 5-10 seconds...

    If you're running w7. It's the patches that were downloaded for the potential to update to W10 by MS. It's driving a number of us crazy. Two sec pauses sounds like the symptoms. There's a thread on it somewhere. Also NickN has a guide to remove the patches. Here's the link: http://www.simforums.com/forums/a-warning-about-ms-updates-for-windows-10_topic52577_page1.html
  12. fullmetal02

    FSX micro-stutters [Issue]

    Thanks for posting. Running w7 with recent stutters. I thought it was ASN as well. I'm glad it wasn't!
  13. fullmetal02

    4 digit FPS possible?

    +1 Go sell this to someone who will buy it.
  14. fullmetal02

    Taxi2Gate KSEA Released

    Man, I am critical of T2G as well. But the issues are MINOR in comparison to other developers. This includes the top guys. Other developers have substantial problems with how they design sceneries. So much that I don't even purchase some of them after being burned on previous purchases. Only exception is FB who are in a category unto themselves...my point is that T2G is a valued resource that punches out moe quality sceneries than anyone else combined! All of their stuff performs well using all sorts of addons. I will wait on more performance reports because KSEA is hard on performance but nitpicking them about patches for extremely small items on sceneries that where released 2 years ago seems to be a little too much. And for the record I own PNW. Would I uninstall it to get a useable KSEA. You betcha!