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  1. But it doesn't perform so great. Had 15 fps on final rwy 17. Was cloudy and rainy, but Schiphol performs better than this relatively small airport. I hope they do something to fix it, otherwise I'll just go back to my converted TropicalSim LPPR2014.
  2. If I recall correctly you can’t land your Cessna at ORD, I think JFK and ATL are also for-bitten
  3. I am also very happy. I hope they release their beautiful Copenhagen scenery
  4. I don’t get it. I’m s real world pilot too. When I use the real wx download option it looks good enough. I can do plausible IFR approaches in the soup. I have had ASN on fsx. I don’t think it’s much better.
  5. I really don’t think the weather looks so bad. I use default wx. You see fronts, hardly ever weather shifts. You can actually fly into weather. Overcast looks like overcast. The only thing that’s not so good is variable wind. It’s way to aggressive and not like in real life where it is more gradual.
  6. I find airline flying much more immersive in XP-11. Flying with Zibo’s 738 mod beats the PMDG NG for me. Also because the VC looks a lot better and the flight dynamics. We have better push back, many free ware airports have active jetways and there’s ground service and WT3. The FF A320, and 757 are also great. The way planes move in the air looks less sim like in XP than in the FSX based sims. I spend mostly money on airplanes and that’s not often. Most great scenery is free and of good quality and performance. I do enjoy Aerosoft’s EDDF and would buy any future release of that quality. I fly XP-11 99.9 % of my simtime.
  7. I wonder if they changed anything to the ground effect. I don’t think so
  8. I changed nothing, I just wanted to check if my Cessna was going to make a dipsey doodle if I let go of the rudder. And my plane didn't do that
  9. I tried to replicate that cessna video in X-plane and now the torque and p-factor seem to be way too mild. If I let go of the rudder right after I take off, the airplane sort of keeps going in the same direction, with a slight left tendancy. Maybe they got it right all along and just needed to fix the ground friction.
  10. Well, the video doesn't prove which one is more realistic. You can't fly a plane without rudder pedals. I have a pilot license and automatically add right rudder on take off and have no problem ever in x-plane. It's hard to say which is more realistic as we can't feel the force on the rudder, but you automatically do what you have to do to keep the plane going in the right direction, like riding a bike.
  11. I remember first playing the fsx demo and was blown away by how it looked. Now XP-11 does it for me and anything esp based seems old
  12. I used to fly XP-10 and FSX, but since XP-11 it's very hard to go back to any fsx related platform. It looks cartoonish and doesn't feel as realistic as XP. And you can make it look better than FSX + orbx for free. And we're only at the beginning of its development.
  13. The Jar 320 works fine, comparable to Aerosoft's bus. It also handflies well
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