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F-16C for Prepar3D v2.X?

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People, I apologize if the post title is a little harsh.  However, being spoiled by Majestic, PMDG, and of course DCS, is there anyone out there that knows of a solid, fully functional F-16A or F-16C?  It is not the Aerosoft one, nor is it IRIS's family truckster either.


BMS Falcon for Falcon 4.0 is the only sim F-16 that was fully functional.  However, it is really dated and my rig makes a mess of the old graphics.  It is no longer playable for me.


Having spent a significant amount of my life maintaining these birds and and having hours in them and in the simulator, I'd really like to see someone do this bird.  From a RW standpoint, it has been the backbone of the USAF dogfighter, general purpose, and air-to-mud forces since the late '70's, and the principle combat aircraft for many air forces around the world.  They will probably still be flying when the F-35 is just a bad dream.  Possibly, the Viper is and remains the most cost/hr effective weapons platform out there, and it has been an unflinchingly solid weapons system. 


Yeah, the DCS A-10C is fabulous, if one wants to thrash targets in the Ukraine.  It is an excellent study sim.  So is the Superbug for FSX/P3D.  Anybody know of anything coming out?


Dyin' for a real study-sim Viper here...


Kattz out.

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 So is the Superbug for FSX/P3D.  Anybody know of anything coming out?




I know of no f-16's of the quality you are looking for or any that will be created in the future - the only thing mentioned is a new version of aerosoft f-16 - but thats just talk 


Superbug is for FSX and eventually a P3D Superbug will be released at some time but no one knows when yet

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I could almost swear that I read on Facebook a year or so ago that MilViz or Razbam an F-16C in development.

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