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controller button to call up gps

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Had a terrible week new processor,,had to reload fsx, Acceleration,,Active sky,Fsuipc,reset CH yoke & Peddles & Throt Quad,ran into the 1722\1603 error,had to do the fsx register reset MSKB928080 thing,( thanks to Avsim, MS told me fsx is obsolete no support?)finally got every thing back as it was,except I can no longer call up the stock Garmin gps on the on board B737,I had it mapped to Shift3 on fsuipc,can get it by mouse of course,shift3 brings up nothing,although the shift#s will bring up all the other guages,so I have no key stroke to assign  a button to,I did do the gauge insert thing in ASky which should have moved the panels,I understand,havent tried removing them?cant bring them up anyway?got to RTFM Iknow, Guess I should be happy to have most every thing back,but hate having use mouse for it?

 Thanks for any help

                 Regards BobG


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I don't really understand all you have said above, but here is one thing that might be worth checking if it is only for the B737 that the GPS is not popping up in a window as expected. In your panel.cfg file (inside the Panel folder) for the B737 (I assume you are talking about the FSX default a/c) you should have something like this at the top of the file:


[Window Titles]

window00=Main Panel

window01=Radio Stack

Window02=GPS              (note since window #s start with 0, this will be activated by Shift+3)


Window04=Throttle Panel

Window05=Overhead Panel


Window07=FlightDeck SFX Panel

Window08=G Meter




and further down in the file something like this for window 2:









gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0



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If everything in Post# 2 is OK, then check to see if your Settings/Control Buttons have changed.



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Thanks Guys, got it,just had to put panel 3 assignment back in & assign in buttons/keys lol  Thanks again

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