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PMDG operation center not recognizing pmdg 737-800

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So it recently started to happen; the PMDG operation center doesn't recognize my pmdg 737-800 for SE anymore.

I cannot download any livery as it tells me to purchase it...


Yes, I have the legal version of it.


Also, I tried reinstalling and it's now not even recognizing the FSX normal edition.

Any suggestions?

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My OC has never has recognized the SE planes, even though it knew where SE was when

installing both the 800/900 and the 600/700 packs, and the SE planes run just fine.

I was starting to think I was the Lone Ranger in this regard..

But it hasn't bothered me much.. Anything I want to change or install, I just do it manually..

Mine has never had any problems with the FSX versions. I assume it's a registry issue, but

you would probably be better off asking PMDG support on how to correct it. Might want to

send in a ticket.

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You got my attention when you said install things How do you install liveries manually? All tutorials are through livery manager aka operations center.

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Well, you would need to at least access your FSX version in OC to download PMDG liveries.

But you say you can't do that now, so it would be a problem. But say you can D/L the FSX

liveries.. Install into the FSX version livery, and once done, just copy the planes new livery

texture folder to the same SE sim plane. And then copy over the newly modified aircraft.cfg

for that type plane to the SE sim. Viola.. That plane would now be in both sims.

The tutorials should also be able to be downloaded from the FSX version if you can get

that to work again.


Third party planes could be selected from the FSX livery manager, and installed in FSX,

and then copied over to SE in the same manner. Don't forget the aircraft.cfg, as the new

liveries will be entered into that file. If you don't copy it over to SE along with the new

livery texture files, SE won't see the new livery.


Both FSX and SE are the same, using the same files. So any of the livery files can be used

for either version. Say if you can get all the FSX liveries you want going in FSX but not SE,

you can just copy the NGX plane folders from FSX and overwrite the same folders in SE

to have the same planes for SE in one shot.


But if you think you might have trouble doing that, you might be better off trying to get OC

going for SE through PMDG support.

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Both you guys have registry errors, or you are referencing objects incorrectly in SimObjects.  PMDG Product Support can and will help you out with a submitted trouble ticket.

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That's what I suspect, although it's strange that the plane had no problem finding the

SE path when installing, and the plane runs fine in SE. Only OC seems to have the

problem seeing the SE planes. I'm not sure what you mean by referencing objects

incorrectly in SimObjects, being as the NGX installer did the installation and found

the SE paths correctly when installing. And what would you reference? You've kinda

lost me on that one..

I haven't checked the registry yet.. But for me, it hasn't really been an issue worth

worrying about too much so far, being as the plane itself works fine, and ditto for

ASN SP2B. I actually fly the FSX version most of the time, and don't use SE all that

much. I mainly bought it just to tinker with.

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None of your are lone wolfs out there. I have been suffering from this odd "bug" for just over a week. I remember downloading the latest installers from my PMDG account around the 15th April, to get the NGX up to date. Since then, even with my 777, the OC cannot determine that I have the latest versions of both products (which clearly I have since they are fresh installers). 
I am not able to download any liveries at all anymore. My OC is the latest one since that was shipped with the NGX installer 1.14.3 is the latest I have so far. Unless any of you guys with the OC (proper) have had numerous downloads which I haven't been able to get at all. 
Even if I run the updater.exe manuall (righ-click run as admin as well) it says upto date, and I also even tried that with the 777 fresh installer with the OC 1.12 shipped, and that still said "upto date" when clearly it wasn't. That experiment kind of made me wonder could it be my internet or firewalls etc? Clearly not, since everything else on my PC is running fine. FSX was running perfectly fine, the PMDG aircraft were fine, just no more liveries to download or any updates from the OC couldn't be downloaded anymore. 
I even had a PMDG mechanic tool sent through by Ryan, but sadly even that didn't work. I have also just done a complete fresh install of FSX, deleting the registry and that hasn't solved the problem. 
For now I can only blame my installers could be bugged? But we all get the most updated installers from our PMDG account. 
If anybody else out there has come across the same or similar problem, it would be great to get some advice, until I get a reply on my support ticket. 
Currently I have nothing else installed on FSX but the PMDG NGX.

Mykel Talab 

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An update.. Built new puter, and installed Win 7 64. I was using XP on the old one, being

cheap and a fairly long term holdout to switching over.   :P

Needless to say, on the old box, if I ran the scenery levels too high, the sim would vapor lock into OOM due to the puny VAS..


I decided to upgrade the OS, but as only Win 7 OEM was available, and good for one puter only, I decided to build a new puter while I was at it, as the old one was getting a bit dated, and I didn't want to pay for the OS again when I updated the hardware which wasn't too long into the future.

Had to re-install FSX, the NGX, and ASN..

Well.. my OC is working normal now, and I'm seeing both FSX, and FSX-SE versions as installed. Will wonders never cease.  :rolleyes:

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