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FSX Standard.XML file re-writing question

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I'm having a major problem with FSX changing the settings in my Standard.XML file in the Controls sub-folder. I change a setting using the FSX edit contols/buttons screen to accomadate EZDOK. I delete the key assignments for A and S and Shift A and Shift S for example and FSX replaces the original values the next  time I start FSX. This is just 1 example. It does the same for other keys and oystick assignement I've changed to acomodate FS2CREW for example. I do use FUSIPC to get aroudn some of these issues but some of the assignments are not listed in FUSIOC such as Autofeather on/off which I need to assign to a key to start FS2CREW.


Might anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it?

I still have the original Standard.XML file written in 2007 by FSX in the FSX root folder which I have not edited.


Is there a way to trick FSX into writing to another file other than Standard.FSX in the Controls subfolder thereby leaving the edited file alone?


This is a mojor annoyance and PIA as I have to edit the contol assignments pratically  each time I start FSX.  There are time when the assignemnts stay in place and then for no apparent reason FSX re-writes the file. I am basically a calm person but I would have a few choice workds for the program coder who wrote FSX.



Any guidance would be most appreciated.

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I think the problem is solved for now (hopefully I haven't spoken too soon). What I did was customize the Standard.XML file to the way I wanted it (mostly deleted all the alphabet and num keys) and exited FSX. The changes were saved to the Standard.XML file (date/time matched). I then changed the file to Read Only. Copied and pasted the file a few items to create back-ups for future use in case this fix doesn't work over time. So far so good.  

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Hi, I hope you are still following this...

To delete a key assignment, did you actually "delete" the whole thing (from <entry> to <entry>) or put a "null value" in it?

What did you actually change in (for example):






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