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Australian Tour 6: Around Melbourne

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Australian Tour 6: Around Melbourne     

Today we shall fly a southern crescent "around" Melbourne. From the northeast, we start at Lilydale in the famous Yarra Valley wine country, continue southward to Phillip Island noted for Penguins and Motor Sports, along the southern Mornington Peninsula, over "The Rip" to the rural Bellarine Peninsula and finally down the beautiful Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay. We shall land at two sealed runways and seven gravel/turf runways. This is a leisurely trip of wine, sun, sand and surf.



This week's airports are: Lilydale (YLIL), Healesville (YHSV), Tooradin (YTDN), Tyabb (YTYA), Phillip Island (YPID), Point Nepean (YZPN), Ceres Geelong (YCES), Barwon Heads (YBRS), Aireys Inlet (YZAI), and Apollo Bay (YAPO). A few of these fields are more challenging than others, but none attains "Roger" status.

In list form, including some scenic waypoints, the flight plan looks like this:


Airport  Scenic



YLIL                       Depart              Lilydale [Orbx Freewre]

         CHAND    3       Flyover             Domaine Chandon Winery

         OAKR     1       Flyover             Oakridge Wines

         SANCT    4       Flyover             Healesville Sanctuary

YHSV              3       Stop                Healesville

         CHILL    1       Flyover             Coldstream Hills Winery

         KILLA    3       Flyover             Killara Estate

YTDN              27       Stop                Tooradin

YTTA              12       Stop                Tyabb

         WOOLA    20       Flyover             Cape Woolamai

YPID              3       Stop                Phillip Island

         PIGP     5       Flyover             Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

         PENS     4       Flyover             Phillip Island Penguin Parade

         SHANK    12       Flyover             Cape Schanck Lighthouse

YZPN              15       Stop                Point Nepean

         PTHEN    16       Flyover             Point Henry Smelter

YCES              8       Stop                Ceres Geelong

YBRS              10       Stop                Barwon Heads

         YTQY     4       Flyover             Tiger Moth World Torquay

         BELLS    6       Flyover             Bells Beach Surfing

         ANGLE    5       Flyover             Anglesea Power Station

         AIREY    6       Flyover             Split Point Lighthouse

YZAI              2       Stop                Aireys Inlet

YAPO              26       Stop                Apollo Bay


The scenic waypoints mark points of interest and help set up the flightpath, but you need not hit them exactly. Total distance is 196nm.


This is a flight around Port Phillip Bay, mainly to small fields used by weekend pilots. The total distance about 200nm. If we cruise as something like 110-120kts, and add in about an hour for the airports, then we can finish in something like three hours. You might enjoy something like a Cessna 172/182/185, Piper Cherokee/Warrior/Archer/Arrow, ACA Scout, Tecnam P2002 or similar. Or perhaps something more exotic. Please fly what you like.




I shall fly the A2A Cessna 182 in the Aussie VH-INN livery by Scott Headley.

Scenery Addons        

Pilots should have OZx (updated through v3.4) installed as well as OZx libraries (v1.0 and v1.1). You can get all the OZx sceneries

You will likely want the Orbx Freeware Lilydale
here. Also, you probably should install the Holgermesh Australia. (The OZx and Anthony Lynch sceneries were built for Holgermesh elevations.) The freeware AU Holgermesh is available through Orbx here.

[Not for this week, but for Australia more generally, you might want to install Anthony Lynch's freeware Aussie Airports, a package of 33 airports, as well as some of his "singles." You can get Anthony Lynch's freeware sceneries

For flying in Australia, the textures of Orbx Global will do nicely. But owners of Orbx Australia will want that installed because it provides more varied textures and also better landclass and autogen.



Time: Saturday May 9, 2015. 18:00 UTC

Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel

Teamspeak Server Address:

Multiplayer FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)

The digital flightplan (in FSX format) and is available from the DropBox location here.

Please post your aircraft details in the MP spreadsheet so that we can see you in your true colors.

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As y'all know I've been missing for the past few weeks. It sure is nice now that winter is finally gone in NE Wisconsin. Gotta get get the "to do" list done ASAP otherwise there will be no summer to enjoy. The first of many fly-in breakfasts' of the year is occurring this Saturday morning. Normally outta there by noon ( our flight @ 1:00 lcl ) which gives plenty of time to get home.




A few weeks ago I found this site ( ) with some real rare aeroplanes.. For this week I picked an Aussie designed classic. "The" Corby Starlet. It's a lil bugger,18.5' span / 14.75' length, simple, & VERY nicely done! I did do a performance mod, took out the VW 1800 cc 80 hp & dropped in the Jabiru 2200 @ 85 HP. 5 more!  In Aussie style!


Here's the "lil bugger" next to a horse for a size comparison.. One does not climb in, rather, one puts it on. 





 Really hope to make this one, everything is all set up. All that needs to be done is to feed the hamster which turns the wheel that makes my rig run.    :LMAO:  But...... If an invitation arises to go fly some real classics ( or an RV, Beech 18 ) after the breakfast - I will be missing.  

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A narrative for the "Around Melbourne" journey can be obtained here.


Just a reminder. Pilots with unexceptional computers might consider turning down FSX Autogen (a notch or two) for this day in the Melbourne area.


PS. Looking forward to seeing that Corby in action.

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Glad to see you're back Roman. Jeff and Mike said you've not been around because of something I said. :(

It was probably the crack about you digging up some weird airplanes! :lol:


I'll be chuggin' around in this:



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Jeff and Mike said you've not been around because of something I said.


Negative there fella, nothing was said :drinks: ... Besides it's the banter I enjoy. :P  :Talking Ear Off:


Absolutely dig your signature! :LMAO: So true... For instance, take a look over at the FSUIPC support forum. I bet Pete has a premade response for RTFM. It comes up daily.   


2 files walk into a zip, an .exe and a readme.txt.... Who gets clicked first..HA! 

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2 files walk into a zip, an .exe and a readme.txt.... Who gets clicked first..HA!


I had to read that bit twice. Very funny, very true. Guilty as charged. :(

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thanks for the great flight last night, although a bit windy. also thanks mike for the flight plan.



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On reflection the A2A 172 acted pretty much as I expect it would do. In real life we wouldn't have been flying! Most enjoyable.

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Was not going to stop until I figured out what that parked aircraft was at YBRS, 2 days later - Bingo! It is a Helio HST-550 Stallion. (VERY RARE!) It kinda fits there with the horse training facility @ the NNE corner of the airport.  I guess I can go to sleep now.  :Hypnotized:  -_-



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Been slackin - here's some pics from AU6 around Melbourne.


Crosswinds were par for the course the whole flight.








Excellent coastline rendition.




Cape Schanck Lighthouse.




Busy, Busy, Busy.... 1 go around, 2 touchdowns & 1 approach all in one frame!




Ron coming in over the top.




Busy place at Barwon Heads.




Split Point Lighthouse.




No landing fee for me.. I can fit between two others taking up zero space!



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Thanks for the screenshots, Roman. Great memories from that windy day.

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