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  1. robrooke

    Eastern seaboard, oop t'north.

    hi ron, june20th is a wednesday & not saturday, the flight plan for saturday will be along the cote d!azur i hope. roger.
  2. hi gunter, loaded without flight plan @ baghdogra, departed r36, did a circuit no problems. great scenery with mountains in the backdrop. roger.
  3. i will start sim & do as you say, & no i did not install any baghdogra scenery. let you know result. regards.
  4. hi ron, just loaded flight plan & started @ baghdogra & same thing happened ctd. think i will give this flight a miss. regards, roger.
  5. robrooke

    Oxygen required...

    carenado pilatus pc12 for me, having the oxygen tanks checked & filled.
  6. robrooke

    South America sans The Andes.

    hi ron, no , only me. perhaps a better turnout for today!s tasmania devil hunt, you will need a butterfly net & fishing rod to go with the obligatory parachute. pack your bush plane carefully. regards, roger.
  7. hope to join you saturday, may be a little late starting. regards, roger.
  8. robrooke

    Norway's nice this time of year.

    hi ron, carenado 185 for me.
  9. robrooke

    Norway, or bits of it.

    hi den, yes its me, from the hidden depths of the black country, hope you are well. regards.
  10. robrooke

    Norway, or bits of it.

    thanks for the flight, superb screenshots roman, great evening. roger.
  11. robrooke

    Spain and over the Pyrenees

    ron. what time would that be in the black country of the midlands, because with the atomic clock losing 1 second every ten years ,& with the gravitational pull of the moon, you can see that the time varies . it would be nice to arrive on time even if you start late. regards roger.
  12. robrooke

    Continuing Scotland...

    great flight, excellent company, thanks.
  13. robrooke

    Papua New Guinea

    tinkering again eh! downloaded & installed, time is 19.30 utc right, ( just making sure.) regards.
  14. ron, as you know it is not " haggis " shooting season therefore you may see quite a few when landing at the various airstrips. ( especially if you had a drop of scoth mist ) they are easily recognisable being like hedgehogs without the spikes,or for our american friends like gophers with spikes ( they go fer this & go fer that.) all tanked up and waiting to go. regards, roger.
  15. robrooke

    Midweek flights

    hi ron, make it 20.00hrs start & i am in. regards.