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  1. seems like we are returning to some semblance of normality after last week`s adventure, & now the cost of the aircraft repairs are being digested. me-thinks the carenado c185f will suit. regards.
  2. thanks for your company on the flight fellas, never before has so many king-air `s been used for bush flying. very enjoyable evening. regards.
  3. thanks jeff, and i was born in " ASTON " as well, BRILLIANT ay it. regards roger.
  4. great flight, load of laughs & comments, aircraft booked in for complete overhaul.
  5. what a fun flight, superb scenery, convivial company, tricky landings, what more do you want. can`t wait for highlands pt2 next week. many thanks.
  6. robrooke

    Turkish Delight

    i tried that once, but found i had nothing to do. hope you had a good weekend @ duxford airshow. regards.
  7. robrooke

    Return of the Spitfire

    thanks for the flight, nice flight plan, great company, & superb screen shots. regards.
  8. robrooke

    Aosta, to infinity and beyond!

    superb flight with great scenery, dusk finish was the cherry on top of the cake.
  9. robrooke

    Rogier’s Riviera Vacances

    great flight with excellent company superb screen shots roman, thanks.
  10. robrooke

    Eastern seaboard, oop t'north.

    hi ron, june20th is a wednesday & not saturday, the flight plan for saturday will be along the cote d!azur i hope. roger.
  11. hi gunter, loaded without flight plan @ baghdogra, departed r36, did a circuit no problems. great scenery with mountains in the backdrop. roger.
  12. i will start sim & do as you say, & no i did not install any baghdogra scenery. let you know result. regards.
  13. hi ron, just loaded flight plan & started @ baghdogra & same thing happened ctd. think i will give this flight a miss. regards, roger.
  14. robrooke

    Oxygen required...

    carenado pilatus pc12 for me, having the oxygen tanks checked & filled.
  15. robrooke

    South America sans The Andes.

    hi ron, no , only me. perhaps a better turnout for today!s tasmania devil hunt, you will need a butterfly net & fishing rod to go with the obligatory parachute. pack your bush plane carefully. regards, roger.