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UNIGINE Sim would like the flight simulators communities input!

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For those that may not be aware, the NGFS SIM-Posium has been working closely with UNIGINE Sim in gaining access to their Evaluation Kit to determine the overall ability of the engine to be used for the purpose of creating a next generation flight simulator. We now have access to that Kit, through September 30th of this year.


Most of you are familiar with the UNIGINE Valley tech demo but may not be aware that UNIGINE also has a division within their company dedicated to Simulation and Training, this is known as UNIGINE Sim. 


Today the NGFS SIM-Posium received an email that included a UNIGINE 2 2015 roadmap, within the roadmap are clear evidence that UNIGINE is dedicated to the simulation world. You can view that roadmap below.


In addition we have been asked to "gather requirements from a Flight Sim perspective". In order to do that we need anyone who has an interest as well as some experience regarding the use of 3D engines, whether it be Unity, Unreal, or others to volunteer their capabilities and join the UNIGINE Sim Evaluation Team.


This is our opportunity as a community to actually influence a major 3D Engine company to incorporate the features that we need most within a 3D engine for the purpose of building future flight simulators.


If you're interested in joining the Evaluation Team please PM me and I will contact you to gather the information needed to set you up as a team member. 


You do not need to be a member of the NGFS SIM-Posium to participate.


The only requirements are that you are willing to work as a team to determine the strengths and weakness of the UNIGINE Sim 3D engine in regards to it's use as a bases to create a flight simulator as well as providing suggestions as to the requirements needed from a flight simulation perspective and are willing to submit or participate in the submitting of a report as to your findings.


If you are aware of others who may be interested please let them know of this project.


Stephen Borick




Hi Stephen,
Our meeting has been pushed back until tomorrow, so I will follow up tomorrow mid-morning regarding the Helicopter Demo.
Below is our roadmap for 2015.  Again it would be interesting to gather requirements from a Flight Sim perspective from your Evaluators.  Do you know when this data will be compiled?


  • PBR Materials in DirectX 11 mode
  • The full C++ API (same level of access as for UnigineScript)



  • Increased Z-buffer precision
  • Improved AA
  • Asset Browser System
  • Improved Editor UI
  • Improved data streaming



  • Improved performance with the new rendering pipeline
  • DirectX 12 / Vulkan support
  • Improved clouds
  • Improved water rendering
  • Revamped terrain tools
    • Improved usability
    • Support for Geo Coordinates
    • Support for Vector Data
  • Improved multi-channel synchronization



  • Forest Tools
  • Round Earth Model
    • Geoid model for the planet
    • Geo coordinates for the terrain
    • Modified light scattering model
  • Integration with LVC Game or similar library



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We're growing and adding new skills to the SIM-Posium on a daily basis.


We'd like to see everyone who is interested in the development of a next generation flight simulator to join us and add their ideas and skills to the mix.


UNIGINE Sim has graciously offered to extend our access to the UNIGINE Evaluation Kit allowing us the time we need to develop our own demo.


If you've ever wanted to get your hands on this evaluation kit, now is your chance.


Join Us Today!


Stephen B.

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Stephen - you need to stop advertising your site.  We do not allow this for other developers or other websites.  It is why Tom created a links page.  I allowed it long enough.  You now have a forum for your discussions.  Topic locked.

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