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Manfred Jahn C-47 fuel transfer problem

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No sure I am posting this in the right place, so feel free to re locate it.

I am on the road for a few months and set up my laptop to use P3D v2.5. Everything went well except that after I installed the MJ C-47 v2, I can not get any fuel to flow from the aux tanks. I have been using this plane at home on my PC with Windows 7 for a long time and I know it works there, but not on this install on my laptop which uses Windows 8.1 I know how the system works, but no matter what I do, I can not transfer fuel from the aux tanks to the mains or run the engines on the aux tanks. Anyone have any thoughts on this?




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The best place to post would probably be in the Sim Outhouse FSX forum, since Manfred is a more-or-less regular visitor there.


It sounds like you know the ins and outs of the fuel system, which is a bit quirky since it was ported over from Manfred's C-117 and Basler.  My guess would be that it's an install problem (have you tried re-installing?) or something related to Windows 8.1, since that's the main thing that's changed between your home system and your laptop.


Just for the record (and for others who might come across this thread), things to verify on the aircraft's fuel control panel would be main fuel pumps on, auxiliary fuel pumps either on or in standby, fuel transfer pumps on and inboard auxiliary tanks selected (since wing auxiliary tanks aren't modeled, even though there are switches and a gauge for them - that's a holdover from the C-117/Basler panel). 


I just checked on my P3D/Windows 7 install and with switches set as noted, I had fuel flow from the inboard auxiliaries to the mains, as verified on the Shift-2 payload menu (the aircraft-specific one, not the P3D fuel and payload menu).  It was easiest to see when I set the main tanks very low - I'm not sure there's a threshold at which the auxiliaries start to feed the mains so that would be something else to check.  


I suppose that when Jan Visser gets done with his vintage VC, we'll have C-47-appropriate fuel systems and this will all get less confusing. 


But again, I think Windows 8.1 is your prime suspect.


There's a bit more on the fuel systems in this thread.


Hope this helps.

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