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Hello everyone,


I'm not sure where this topic goes, so I put it here.  I have HidMacros which I use to map a keyboard to fsuipc mouse macros.  Everything works great, when I push a button, the switch moves back and forth.  What I want to do now is disassemble the keyboard and connect toggle switches instead of keys to the circuit board, in hopes of building a full overhead panel.  I use the PMDG 737NGX (fsx).  However, to set a toggle switch, I have to deal with the always on (key always pushed down) or not on (key released)  For the code I have now, if I hold down the key, simulating a toggle switch in the on position, the switch always moves back and forth, as a result of the code I have.


HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40, "PMDG737:aaab"


Thats it.  (the aaab) was a name I used to test the function and is assigned to equip cooling through FSUIPC.  I will set more comprehensive names later.


How can I adjust the script in order to use a toggle switch?


Thanks very much in advance,


Also, if anyone knows a way to interface the cockpit annunciation lights to a home cockpit, I would love to know.

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I'd like to keep cost down.  To purchase another interface card, only to have to program the thing like a keyboard interface card (which I already have, so is free), would be IMHO, a pointless expense.  Thanks for the idea however.  Anything pertaining to programming?



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